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Which accessories best compliment doors?

Which accessories best compliment doors? – The accessories make the door, not only aesthetically, but doors need accessories to function, otherwise, they are nothing more than a plank leaning against a wall for support.

Doors need frames to hang from and hinges to swing back and forth. Unless the area has a requirement for salon-style doors, some form of a door handle is required to operate it.

A selection of doorframes and door handles are available from the Online Door Store. A complete door handle pack includes the hinges.

Which accessories best compliment doors?
Oak Contemporary Clear Glazed Door

Doors are the first thing guests notice. They need to enter the home through a door. A nice wreath or funny doormat may offer some distraction if the door handle isn’t functioning or it squeaks on its hinges, but they’ll remember. Apart from looking nice, doors with the correct fittings provide security, keeping the burglars out and allowing the family inside to escape in the event of an emergency.

Internal doors are just as important to what is shown on to the outside world. Most families don’t require as much security inside as they do on the outside, but parents and teenagers may want to consider locking door handles for that added bit of privacy without damaging the door with an externally added lock. 

Doorframes withstand years of swinging, slamming and having doors propped open for days or even weeks on end. When changing doors, it is a good idea to change the frames, especially if there is a dramatic style change. Changing the frames at the same time as the door saves a lot of stress later on if the frames need replacing before the door. A correctly fitted frame provides the right support for the door creating safety and security, both externally and internally. A door that doesn’t fit in its frame allows heat out and withstands more wear and tear damage.

The internal frames are just as important as the external. No one wants the frame to collapse while they’re having a shower. They could become trapped in the bathroom or display their birthday suit to the entire family and any guests. Installing new frames with new doors allows the frames to be matched aesthetically too. If painting the doors and frames, rather than buying ones ready to hang up, the paint can be matched which is impossible to do at a later date even with the same brand and shade due to fading. New frames match new doors in style.

There are a variety of door handles to select from to best match a door. Chrome handles work with contemporary designs and are available in a range of straight and curved designs. They’re also very easy to keep clean, another thing guests will notice.

Much like doorframes, when updating the door, update the hinges and door handles. They receive years of wear and tear and the components won’t be fully functional.

Updating accessories when buying a new door is very important for safety, security, energy-saving and appearance.

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