What Is Putting Off Potential Home Buyers

When it comes to selling a property, the last thing you want is to put a buyer off with things that can be avoided. 

There are many small things that you might not notice in your home that can immediately stand out to potential home buyers, meaning that it’s important to know where you can make changes to improve the chances of selling your property. 

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Tim Leonard, personal finance expert at NerdWallet, has shared eight red flags that could reduce the likelihood of potential buyers making an offer on your property, and the ways in which sellers can avoid this: 

Bad smells 

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“A smell is often the first thing buyers notice when they enter your home, and bad smells can put someone off buying a house. Whether it’s from pets, smoking, damp or dirt, a lingering bad smell won’t go down well with potential buyers.

“If viewings will be carried out in person, it’s worth deep cleaning your home to get rid of any stale smells at the source. It can also be beneficial to use air fresheners and other pleasantly smelling scents like room sprays or candles, if you think there are sources of bad smells. And don’t underestimate the power of opening a couple of windows to let fresh air circulate.

“A fresh and pleasantly smelling home will create an inviting environment from the moment a potential buyer steps through your front door and give a good first impression from the start.”

Lack of kerb appeal 

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“Kerb appeal refers to the attractiveness and aesthetic appeal of the home you are selling. If your front garden is overgrown, the rubbish bins are overflowing and windows are dirty, the kerb appeal is in poor form. 

“When cleaning and tidying before a viewing or pictures, don’t forget the outside of the property; make sure leaves are swept up, any litter is picked up, weeds and overgrown plants are tended to, and your front door is clean and tidy. If you have some money to spare, investing in a couple of plants can make a world of difference and instantly give a good first impression – which could increase the likelihood of a viewer putting in an offer.” 

A lack of photos 

“Most people’s first impressions of a property are through photos online – and usually on a mobile phone. Make sure your photos are good quality, are well-lit, and showcase your home in its best light – i.e. are clutter free. Bad quality photos could put off potential buyers from even stepping through your door.” 


“If you have clothes, possessions and general clutter around the house, either in photos or during viewings, this could impact how buyers view your home. Clutter of any kind can turn buyers off, as they won’t be able to see their possessions in the home or imagine how the space can work for them.

“Less is more when it comes to selling a house. If a potential buyer sees it, ensure to keep photos, ornaments and personal items on display to a minimum. Too much of this can make the place seem smaller and the buyer might not be able to see past this.”

Sellers giving a tour 

“As it’s your home, you might think that you’re the best person to show a buyer around the property. However, this is rarely recommended, and could completely turn buyers off. 

“It can make buyers feel uncomfortable and make them rush around the property, resulting in them not taking much interest. Usually it’s best to let estate agents show prospective buyers around, as they are trained in viewings and can point out the property’s best features, making the place much more appealing.”


“If a buyer comes to view your property in person, you should make sure that the temperature isn’t too hot or too cold.  

“The optimum level of comfort in regards to temperature can help avoid bad impressions, and also questions about whether the heating system works properly.”

A poor quality boiler 

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“Now, more than ever, buyers need to feel confident that they’re not going to be let down by a broken, old and inefficient heating system during the winter months. 

“If you want to sell your home, it might be worth considering upgrading a failing boiler to a newer and more efficient model to assure buyers that the heating system won’t let them down for years to come.”


“Damp is probably the biggest turn off when a potential buyer is viewing a property. If there is damp anywhere, it should be properly treated. Fail to address the issue and it is not only likely to reduce buyer interest, but could also come back to haunt you on a survey.”

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