Upgrading your internal doors – what are the latest trends to follow?

When it comes to interior design, there are so many different elements to consider in order to create a super stylish space.

Obvious things spring to mind, such as your colour scheme, what patterns you choose, sofas, bedding and flooring, not to mention decorative touches such as ornaments and candles.

But one thing that can get overlooked is your internal doors. These often blend into the background of a house so you can be forgiven for not paying them enough attention! The reality is they have a much greater impact than you might realise. Out of date designs, the wrong colour, ones that don’t match, shabbiness – all of these things might escape your notice initially, but if you change them, you’ll soon see what an improvement it makes!

So if you want to upgrade your doors to something more fashionable, take a look at our tips on what the key trends to follow are:

Safety features

One thing we have all become acutely aware of lately has been the safety of ourselves and our loved ones. Whilst the focus has been around general health, our attention has also been turned to all aspects of safety so fire doors have been growing in popularity. These are particularly robust and as long as they comply with FD30 ratings, it will take a minimum of 30 minutes for a fire to breach such a door meaning your loved ones have longer to vacate the premises. Fortunately, gone are the days when fire doors were purely functional – they can be stylish now too! They are available in a huge range of styles at an affordable cost so are the perfect addition to not only update your home, but improve its security too.

Glazed doors

Wherever you look, the most modern and stylish homes are flooded with tons of natural light from huge windows; rooms are simply bathed in it. So without ripping out half your walls to put in bi-fold doors and huge picture windows, how can you get more light throughout your home? Installing internal glazed doors is one way! The glass panes which feature on these allow light to pass through a room, out into a hallway and onwards to the next room even with the doors closed which can brighten up even the gloomiest of spaces.

Contemporary doors

Upgrading your internal doors

In the right setting, an ultra-chic, ultra-stylish door will give your home a huge boost. They might look a little out of place in a traditional Victorian style property but if your house is more modern, they could be just what you need. Sleek designs in a variety of finishes and different colours means you can get a look that is completely up-to-date.

When it comes to creating a stylish living environment, don’t overlook your internal doors. There are so many different door types and styles available to suit all budgets and with the ease of ordering online its never been easier to get stunning doors for your home.

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