The Do’s and Don’ts of Basement Remodelling

With the ever-rising prices of property, it is necessary to use all the space you have in a clever and judicious way. If you have a basement which is lying unused, you can transform it into a cosy and warm living space which will soon become the favourite space in your house.

Transforming or remodelling your basement will not only add extra living space to your bedroom but will also add more space for your guests, or storage. There are a few things to consider before you can begin basement remodelling. These are some of the Do’s and Don’ts of remodelling a basement that will help you get started on this journey.


Here is a list of things that you must do before and while remodelling a basement.

Inspect, Dissect, and Plan

The first thing that you need to do before you can start remodelling your basement is to check and inspect all the elements in the room. This includes plumbing, HVAC, electrical systems as well as other things such as basement flooring and walls.

Prep includes a thorough inspection of the basement and all of its major elements, including HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems, as well as structures like the type of basement flooring and walls.

Once you have inspected everything it is now time to plan out the whole layout of the basement. Check which elements can be moved and changed. For instance, some things such as furnaces, water heaters, pipes, etc. cannot be repositioned without extensive reconstruction. Think of the space and think about how you would like to use it now as well as in the future. Plan out the types of lights, furniture, and other such elements and make a list of them.

Prevent Moisture

Water and moisture can be a huge problem in any basement and it is necessary to resolve these problems if they are present. It is recommended to do this before you begin the remodelling process so that you will be able to avoid spending extra time and money later. You can use finishing products to prevent moisture damage and mould. You can also invest in a good dehumidifier.

Check Your Budget

Remodelling any room including the basement can be quite an expensive project which is why you need to plan it out properly before you can start the project. Make a remodelling budget that should ideally include the cost of supplies, contracting services, furniture, furnishings, tiling works, etc. Do include some additional budget for miscellaneous or emergencies. Always choose high-quality materials and help as they will be worth their value in the long run.

Check and Recheck the Building Codes

Research your local building codes before you can begin remodelling. Also, check what the homeowners’ associations allow and do not allow. This way you will always be within the rules and will not have to remodel things later (unless you want to).

Make a List of Lights

Basements rarely have natural light so adding proper artificial light is crucial. You need to check what sort of light you already have and then see whether you need to add or subtract lights.

Focus on the Plus Side

Basements have various structures that provide a unique look and feel to them. If you have things such as cement floors, pillars, ductwork, etc. in your basement, instead of hiding them try to incorporate them into your design.

Understand the Possibility of Flooding

There is a huge chance that your basement may flood sometime in the future. To prevent any accidents install water-friendly flooring and put all the wiring high off the ground level.

Save Money

Try to save costs instead of cutting corners. Cutting costs will help you save time and money with good, attractive, and safe results, whereas cutting corners may lead to dangerous after-effects. So, try to save money by cutting costs and not cutting corners.

Do A Radon Test

Radon is a natural gas which is generally found in the soil. It is quite harmful to humans as it can lead to lung cancer. Basements are highly susceptible to radon leaks which is why it is necessary to do a Radon test before you can begin your remodelling. If the concentration of the gas is high, you may use some remediation methods to reduce or counter it.

Have some space in your basement where you can store knick knacks and things that you do not regularly need on the surface.


Don’t be afraid of adding your style and luxury to the basement. A basement is not just a functional space, you can also make it look amazing and pretty with the right furniture, accessories, and furnishings.


Here is a list of things that you should not do while remodelling a basement. These can be used as exciting ideas for finishing a basement.

Finish Everything

Rome was not built in a day and if you plan to complete and remodel everything in your basement in one go then you are bound to fail. Instead, try to divide the basement into smaller areas and focus on them one by one. This will allow you to keep things under budget and you won’t spend a lot of time and effort either.

Fluctuating Plans

Once you have made a plan and the remodelling has started, any changes in the original plans will lead to additional costs and delays. It is necessary to plan everything in advance and not change any plans later.

DIY Plumbing and Electric Projects

Plumbing and electric projects should be left to the experts as DIYing these projects may lead to damage and injuries. Contractors, electricians, and plumbers are trained as well as licensed to perform things and thus should be left to them.

Underestimate Things

Remodelling and DIY nowadays go hand in hand. While DIY is a great way to do things, if you are inexperienced you may end up hurting yourself or your property. Do not underestimate the projects and try to do something that you don’t know how to do.

Not Expressing Yourself

Your basement is an extension of your personality. It is also one of the most enjoyable parts of your house. Try to be as creative and imaginative as possible in designing the basement.

Compromise Aesthetics

Don’t compromise on aesthetics while remodelling your basement.

Don’t neglect the finer details and try to focus on the remodelling.

These are some of the crucial things to consider when finishing a basement. Following these tips will help you avoid any hassle and will also help you create a basement that you will cherish for a long time.

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