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Spring Green your lawn with GREENSLEEVES

Spring Green your lawn. Early spring provides opportunities to improve the fundamental condition of your lawn. Over time, the soil will have become compacted and thatch, a layer of fibrous material on top of the soil surface, can build up. As the name implies, compaction is where the particles of soil are squeezed closely together, thus cutting down the penetration of air and water to the root zone and so stifling their development. A thick layer of thatch also reduces the flow of moisture to the roots and it can lead to disease and moss.

Spring is the ideal time to take action if either, or both, of these conditions are afflicting your lawn. Hollow tine aeration using a specialist piece of machinery that removes cores of thatch and soil will aid the penetration of air and water to the roots.

Scarifying will reduce the amount of thatch; you will be amazed at just how much waste a professional scarifier will bring out of your lawn. Followed up with an application of spring fertiliser and a moss controller, the lawn will come into spring in a much healthier state.


As the grass starts to grow you will need to start to mow your lawn. It is very important in early spring that you set the mowing height quite high taking no more than one third of the length of the plant off at a time; otherwise the lawn will become stressed. A little and often approach is better in spring. As the grass grows faster as we move further into spring, increase the mowing frequency and gradually reduce the height of cut to give the desired finish.


It is essential that you feed your lawn during spring. This gives the lawn the essential nutrients it needs over the spring period. The grass plants are growing rapidly at this time, and like any living thing, need the correct nutrients in the correct quantities in order to grow strong and healthy. Healthy plants mean a thicker, denser, greener lawn.


If your lawn has become uneven then topdressing will even out any low areas. A rate of 1 – 3 kg per square metre will be sufficient when brushed into the lawn surface especially in lower areas. It is always best to carry out topdressing when the lawn is dry. Topdressing also helps break down thatch and aids drainage.

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