The UK’s Number One Carpet Stain Remover

Dr. Beckmann’s famous carpet stain remover has famous cleaning superstars, Mrs Hinch and Queen of Clean’s approval, but nothing is as good as trying a product yourself to test the hype.

Possibly The Best Carpet Cleaner – Branded ‘The UK’s Number One Carpet Stain Remover’ from cleaning and laundry experts, Dr. Beckmann is a ‘must have product’ according to these cleaning Instagram stars.

Well I had some unknown boot print stains on my cream stairs carpet which would not budge and not knowing what it was, I just kept trying every carpet cleaner and stain remover I could find but nothing worked. I also had a couple of spots of what looked like black oil on the lounge cream carpet which had been walked in quite a while ago and as I couldn’t get that out either, I hid the stains under a piece of carefully placed furniture! I know, more fool me for getting cream carpet.

Possibly The Best Carpet Cleaner

Possibly The Best Carpet Cleaner

The claim – This Carpet Stain Remover eliminates all stubborn stains such as red wine, makeup and dirt, you name it and it’ll remove it! Phew, those are bold claims and I couldn’t wait to put it to the test.

I followed the simple instructions and armed with my bottle of Dr. Beckmann’s, I stared the stains on the stairs carpet with a determined glare; “If this doesn’t shift you, nothing will!” I shook the bottle as instructed, squeezed the product inside gently until I could see the foam on the brush and gently brushed the product into each stain. I left for 3 minutes and went back with my damp, clean cloth. The moment of truth had arrived.

I couldn’t see the stains but were they being masked by the product? I started to rub with the cloth, I stood back in disbelief…the stains had completely gone!

I ran into the lounge and looked at the oil stains, surely it wouldn’t remove oil…would it? Yes, it did!

Ok the oil took two treatments, but it has completely gone, I am overjoyed.

The stain remover’s special formula paired with its brush head attachment ensures that the toughest of stains and odours are removed from carpets and upholstery, in the home, car, caravan…anywhere!

Mrs Hinch repeatedly demonstrates her love for the product, by using it several times across her Instagram channel and Queen of Clean recently featured Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover on her regular segment on ITV’s This Morning, as well as sharing it far and wide on her social media channels.

I can only tell you my own personal experience of this product and I LOVE it! Happy cleaning!

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