For most people, a car is their pride and joy, a way to explore your surroundings and escape on exciting adventures.

It’s an essential part of your home, one which is important to protect.

Waking up to find an empty garage isn’t how any of us want to start our day, so what can we do to prevent this? 

One of the most effective solutions is to improve your security by investing in a new garage door. According to recent statistics, a whopping 3/4 car thefts occur at home as criminals continue to target vehicle owners on their own property. Old garage doors are easy to compromise, with flimsy locks and cheap materials that make them easy prey for keen thieves.

A Garolla Roller Garage Door, on the other hand, utilises state of the art technology, strong materials and expert craftsmanship to provide unbeatable security for your garage. With over two decades of manufacturing experience, a Roller Garage Door from Garolla is the perfect mix of style and substance. Combining patented security features with a sleek and modern design, these garage doors kick your kerb appeal into high gear whilst deterring wanna-be burglars. 

“I couldn’t be happier with my new roller door. The installer was very professional, the door fits perfectly and they even cleaned up after they finished. I’d recommend them to everyone.” – Mrs Milnes, a recent Garolla Customer. 

Made from strong and sturdy aluminium a Garolla Roller Garage Door is built with security in mind. Utilising high strength end locks and a unique octagonal-barrel system that provides unmatched protection, every Garolla Roller Garage Door is designed to withstand force and prevent attack. 

The UK’s first nationwide Roller Garage Company, Garolla has a reputation for delivering the best quality garage doors at the best price. With all costs available on their website, inclusive of measuring, fitting and VAT, you’re never left with an unexpected bill when you choose Garolla.  

Keep your car safe from threat and park with peace of mind thanks to a Garolla Roller Shutter Door. 

For more information check out their website or call their friendly customer care team on 0800 468 1982 today.