Hugel luxury beds feature the latest technology and offer the ultimate sleep and relaxation experience 

Hugel, a new family-owned business specialising in the design and manufacture of advanced electric beds, has launched a new premium range of luxury adjustable beds, mattresses and pillows that offer the ultimate sleep and relaxation experience with transformative health and lifestyle benefits.  

Hugel has been founded by experts in electric beds for the healthcare sector and combines their specialist knowledge in orthopaedics and health technology with timeless craft and design. As direct descendants of Thomas Chippendale, one of the greatest British furniture makers of all time, Hugel abides by their ancestor’s commitment to only using the highest quality materials and methods. 

Jed Lant, Business Development Manager at Hugel said: 

“The quality of a good night’s sleep and the benefits you get from that sleep all depend on the quality of your bed. We’ve combined our experience in the design and manufacture of electric beds with our passion for for high-end furniture making to create our most advanced bed yet. Hugel beds feature zero-gravity technology to simulate complete weightlessness and you can adjust your bed using the wireless controller or the dedicated Hugel app, making it easy to find the perfect position whether you’re reading, sleeping or relaxing. 

“Hugel beds don’t just look great – they help you feel great, too. Thanks to adjustable technology, Hugel beds offer a variety of health and lifestyle benefits and are able to relieve tension on pressure points, improve circulation and even reduce snoring. A Hugel bed is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make.”

Hugel beds are fully customisable and available in a range of sizes and design options. The benefits of a Hugel bed cover five main areas: 

·       Sleep – With five adjustable sections, Hugel allows you to personalise your sleeping position, optimising comfort and lumbar support for a more rejuvenated sleep. An anti-snore feature, which works by reducing the gravitational pull on throat muscles, encourages undisturbed rest and ensures sleep is unbroken.

·       Health – Creating a weightless experience using zero-gravity technology first developed by NASA, Hugel beds help to relieve back pain, joint pain and improve circulation.

·       Lifestyle – The adjustable features allow for ultimate comfort and posture support whether you are reading, watching a film or simply relaxing. 

·       Technology – Hugel beds are controlled by wireless remote control or smartphone app. Motion activated, under-bed lighting helps you to get in and out of bed safely without waking other sleepers.

·       Design – Available in sizes from single to dual-action super king, Hugel beds are customisable with a selection of frames and elegant headboard styles and a vast array of rich fabrics and colours.

Made-to-order and manufactured in the UK, Hugel Beds are produced, delivered and installed by the Hugel team within five to six weeks. The beds come with a 30-night trial period, during which the bed can be returned if you are not completely satisfied.

Starting at £2400, anyone interested in a Hugel bed can order a brochure from the website or physically experience a Hugel bed at their showroom in Kingswood, Hull.

For further information or to arrange a consultation call for assistance in designing your very own Hugel bed, please visit the Hugel website or speak to the Hugel team by calling 0333 222 1804.