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How To Make Sure Your Home Décor Will Last

Decorating a home is always an investment that you want to last. It’s important to carefully consider how each room will function and the vibe you want to achieve before you whip out the paint brush. For some, the biggest battle is letting the professionals handle the structural or import things first. Although this isn’t making the space look aesthetically pleasing, it will protect your investment and the choices you make when you do get to put your style stamp on the space.

Damp Proofing

First of all, rising or penetrating damp poses a serious risk to your home. If you risk it and decorate, you could end up paying for it twice – as well as plastering, new carpets and more. Damp proofing London surveys from reputable companies are often free, too. This means there really is nothing to lose.

If you notice black, green or brown spots on your lovely, clean walls, or your wallpaper is peeling, it could be a sign that your home has a moisture issue. This can be as minor as not properly ventilating your home when you take a shower. Damp proofing courses or installing proper condensation control units before you decorate your home exactly how you want it, will save you so much time and money in the long run.

Make Sure You Factor In Storage

The most common reason for re-decorating and undoing all the work you’ve done and money you’ve spent is because of a lack of storage. Not having enough storage, or buying temporary wardrobes and solutions is a fast track way to get annoyed and restless with your home’s aesthetics. This is because it will no longer look like the space you’ve envisioned, but rather cluttered and cheap.

When renovating your space, think about everywhere you can integrate stylish storage – even if you don’t need it just yet.  As your family grows and you naturally acquire things over time, you’ll find these spaces handy. A couple of tips for maximising storage:

  • Use a chest or trunk as a coffee table
  • Buy ottoman beds or bedframes in which you can hide stuff underneath
  • Use professional kitchen designers to optimise the space available
  • Turn your styling choices into storage choices – use open shelving in any room (this is a particular favourite for bathrooms) – to home functional items, interspersed with a pot plant or cute photo frame and a bit of personality
Use professional kitchen designers

Think About The Available Light

The light available in any room can impact your décor choices. Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid a dark, pokey, north-facing room. This room is often the bone of contention within the home because it is hard to decorate and make the space look appealing. There are two main options to ensure you’re not endlessly trialling new paint colours: embrace the dark or go bright and white.

Painting a dark room a dark colour can feel counterproductive and like a huge risk – but dark walls boldly contrast with the white trim of coving and window frames, create an optical illusion that extends the angles of the walls. Similarly, with carefully chosen lighting, the space will have a fantastic ambiance with a cosy, romantic feel – perfect for a den or a living room. In contrast, paint the walls bright white (it’s cheap and easy to paint over any marks). Then install some bright prints and artwork to show off your personality within the space. Try to keep the furniture and as much as you can white, too.