gallery wall

This season unique wall art is taking centre stage.

Where the traditional gallery wall once stood proud as a popular style staple, interior designers are now introducing a new trend into our homes. Say hello to the Unique Wall Art trend – the trend that will ensure your home is completely unique to you.

Oozing with personality and flexible enough to suit a range of styles, colours and spaces, this versatile trend comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you’re wondering how to try this new trend in your home, Clare Moreton, photo expert at CEWE, Europe’s largest photo printing company, has compiled a guide to show you how to make stunning unique wall art for your home or office space, that’s easy to create, makes use of beautiful memories and flaunts your individual style.

Big, bold and beautiful

Acrylic Prints are modern, stylish, and really easy to put together; perfect for the contemporary home. With a high gloss finish, they work fantastically for photographs that contain saturated colours and bold contrasts. To achieve this look, simply choose one statement photograph, for a large sized acrylic print and hang it in a prominent location. Don’t skip the spirit level and tape measure!

The effectiveness of this look hinges upon its impact. Make sure there is an equal amount of space between the print and its surroundings – at least two inches. To ensure this look stays chic not sloppy, measure and mark out your wall, and step back for a second look before bringing out the screws.

Want to take this photo wall idea to the next level? Try using an image that shares a common colour theme with the rest of the room.

Play with panoramic

Panoramic Canvas Prints are ideal for showcasing landscapes and gorgeous views, from picturesque scenery to cool modern cityscapes. But they’re often overlooked as an opportunity to showcase vertical shots with real length. Think waterfalls, cascading sand dunes or even a dancer in the spotlight. Vertical Panoramic Canvas Prints offer a modern and versatile way to introduce colour and personality into difficult to fill spaces.

Experiment with shape

The big advantage of geometric photo tiles is that you can seamlessly combine different photographic elements and styles. Whether you want your wall art to be neat and symmetrical or slightly more abstract, there really are no limits with hexxas. Tailor them perfectly to your existing decor or use them to create a striking feature in a minimalist room. Have some fun playing around with the layout and repositioning them. The design possibilities are endless, so you’ll never get bored!

CEWE hexxas provide an organic and ever evolving way to enjoy your wall art. Try adding a new tile to your collage after each new adventure!

Stack and lean

Who said art needs to hang on the wall? The stack and lean trend acts as a great, arty way to introduce colour and culture into a space without having to hang or take up wall space. Perfect for mantels, fireplaces or statement display shelves, this trend offers a fresh perspective to hanging your precious prints and artworks. For Insta worthy interiors, create a stunning display by adding a small stack of stylish photobooks and a small bud vase of flowers.

Knock on wood

Wood Prints make a unique work of art and can bring out the natural beauty of a photograph. From lovely landscape photos to sunny holiday snaps, a rustic and elegant piece of wooden wall art is a unique alternative to a canvas print and works to bring out the warmer tones in your photos and artwork.

Wood Prints provide the perfect way to achieve the Unique Wall Art trend and this Summer’s raw, unfinished trend as the natural texture of the wood adds a beautiful tactile quality.

Multi-panel prints

A great way to add a new perspective to your photography or art work, Multi Panel Canvas Prints can be used to deliver a real statement into your home. For a modern, eye-catching look, we recommend hanging personalised multi panel canvas prints with a 1-inch gap between each canvas. It’s a great way to exhibit landscape shots and your very best photographs.