Essential Items for Every Master Bedroom

For most, a bedroom is a little slice of paradise they can escape to at the end of a long day. It is meant to be an environment you can unwind in, relax and recharge before your new challenge begins.

But, of course, the ultimate source of tranquillity would be the illustrious master bedroom.

There are some essential items all bedrooms need to incapsulate this feeling of calm, and nearly all of them are relatively simple to acquire. Whether that be the perfect rug or wooden double, queen and king beds making a few small changes will have the biggest impact.

Create a Peaceful Mood

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You have probably heard it said a hundred times but keeping your bedroom in a calm and peaceful environment is very important. It is meant to be the refuge you seek when you are stressed or overwhelmed.

Your brain needs to associate this space with these feelings and adding some unique features will make it much more manageable. Additionally, avoiding items like TVs and gaming systems is strongly encouraged as they can keep your brain too stimulated to settle.

The Best Mattress and Comfortable Bedding

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Nothing on this list will mean anything if you don’t start out with a solid base. Finding the ideal mattress should be your number one priority. You will never be able to get a night of proper sleep or fully enjoy the wonders of your bedroom if you can only focus on how much you hate your mattress.

If you are less inclined to rush to the store and spend a few hours lying on different options, searching for what you like best, many more retailers have simplified the purchasing process to detailed quizzes about your needs. If any term is unfamiliar to you, do additional research to ensure you understand precisely what you are getting.

Once you have found the perfect choice, you need the best bedding to match. Spring for a mattress pad or protector and purchase the best king sheets you can afford. From there, mix and match colours and patterns to fit your taste. Stick to materials like pure cotton, linen, micro-fibres, and silk as much as your budget allows to create your perfect master bedroom.

Pile Up on Pillows

For some people, there is no such thing as too many pillows. Of course, your limit is entirely up to your individual taste, but adorning your bed with a few scatter cushions creates a comfortable and welcoming impression.

Besides the pillows you actually use for sleeping, adding an additional 3-5 in an adequately arranged, layered look not only is a stylish design element but creates the welcoming feeling you are after.

Cosy Seating Area

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with perching yourself on the edge of your bed to put your shoes on or lie on your bed while reading. But creating a cosy seating area in your room will not only give you a place to sit comfortably while getting dressed or reading a book, but it will also help you avoid messing up your newly made bed.

This space’s size mainly depends on what is available to you. If your master bedroom is relatively small, look to include one accent chair that can double as a reading nook. If you have a broader area to work with, you can include a sofa or two with a small coffee table—the perfect place for afternoon tea or a private chat with your partner.

Functional Nightstands

Nightstands are a must for any bedroom. But as much as they need to be stylish and match your overall design choices, they also need to be functional. Purchasing one with a small drawer, shelf or cabinet will give you space to store necessary items like flashlights, chargers, and medication.

Keep the top of the stand clear for items like alarm clocks, water bottles, and lamps. For balance and flow between the pieces, make sure to have a nightstand on either side of your bed.

The Perfect Rug

These days, solid flooring like wood or tiles has become much more popular for most homeowners. It is easier to keep clean and creates a chicer finish. But during the colder months, this can make the room feel cold and uninviting.

To combat this, purchase a large area rug that can slide under the bed, adding extra colour to your room and keeping your feet warm during the chilly weather. If you don’t have the budget for one large rug, find two smaller ones for either side of the bed. They don’t need to match but do need to complement each other.

Stylish Headboard

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Once you have found the perfect mattress, you need a stylish headboard to frame the bed. The more desirable options can include tufted upholstered, reclaimed wood or weathered iron headboards. And while these are all very striking pieces to have, they can also be very expensive to purchase.

A budget-friendly alternative would be to create a DIY headboard with items like hardwood, salvaged metal or hung pillows for equally beautiful results. Enjoy your master bedroom.

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