Glamorous Bedroom

With the new year ahead of us, it’s the perfect time of year to give your own bedroom a glamorous makeover. Here’s how to add some super-luxe to your room.

Think glimmer (not glitter)

Side TableTouches of gold, silver, bronze or copper are easy glamour shortcuts – but steer away from glittery detail (which screams ‘14 year old’s bedroom’) and select accessories and fabrics with muted metallic finishes for a much more grown-up look. A few pieces, such as cushions, vases or lamps, in your chosen shade keep it understated.

Treat metallics as you would a regular colour to ensure you create a harmonious colour scheme and avoid clashing tones. Think of silver as grey (good with yellow, pastels and other greys); and gold as yellow/orange (mix with red for a Middle Eastern vibe). Copper or bronze can look great against navy/dark blue or olive green.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

MirrorOr on the chair, dressing table, bedside lamp… Mirrored furniture is a great way to add a glamorous feel to a room, and often has a stylish Art Deco air to it. Choose a mirrored dressing table with bevelled edges and you’ll feel like a 1930s Hollywood star every time you get ready for a night out! Mirrors, on your furniture or walls, also help make a room look larger and reflect light, essential during the dark winter months.

It’s all material

Tactile fabrics are essential for a glamorous bedroom. Satin adds sheen but can also look a bit ‘Playboy Mansion’ – instead choose fabrics such as velvet for upholstery or cushions. If you can, treat yourself to indulgent silk bedding – silk pillow cases are said to be much better then cotton for your skin and hair. High-count Egyptian cotton sheets, the best you can afford, may not change the look of a room but you’ll thank yourself for it every night you slip into bed.


Shine a light

Nothing creates, or destroys, an atmosphere as easily as lighting. A glamorous bedroom deserves low lighting – achieve the look using bedside lamps with fabric shades to softly diffuse light, and even metallic bases to create ‘glow spots’ around a room. Candles are the ultimate in mood lighting so invest in some decorative candle holders and group together on dressing tables or windowsills – remember to keep well away from fabrics and never leave burning candles unattended!

Extra treats

Isn’t glamour also about treating yourself to those not-at-all-essential essential extras? How about ensuring you always have a vase of fresh-cut flowers in your room? Kill two birds with one stone and make your candles  scented candles to add an evocative fragrance to a room. Or stock up on vintage-style picture frames to display all of your inspirational photos and prints – black and white photos, vintage prints or pictures to match your colour scheme help bring it all together.

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