British Shutters Blinds

Create beautiful rooms with bespoke made to measure shutters from British Shutters, the UK’s leading retail supplier of shutters

The traditional elegance of plantation shutters has made them a stylish alternative to curtains or blinds. Plantation shutters have a clean-cut look and have become popular among homeowners searching for an attractive alternative to curtains or blinds.You will see the shutter trend in many new build show homes, it looks like the trend is here to stay.

British Shutters Blinds
British Shutters Blinds

Stylish, elegant and available in a range of irresistible colour’s and finishes from British Shutters, is it time to transform your windows or doors with plantation shutters? In a range of different styles, colours and materials that will blend into your home interior and architecture. You can create a feature of your windows and control the light to suit your mood with a simple adjustment of the louvres when privacy is required. They’re both stylish and practical keeping your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Plantation Shutters make your property look beautiful from the inside and outside and what is more, they may increase the intrinsic value of your house as they are long lasting.

There are many trends for dressing your windows, blinds in many different designs and materials, and of course curtains. However, plantation blinds are versatile, less expensive than most other options and they are the only window dressing that can be financed into the purchase of your home. Why? Because they are highly desirable and usually stay with the home when it’s sold.

Plantation shutters are a popular choice for any room in the house and when shopping for interior shutters, it’s important to know if you are buying custom shutters truly built for your windows or if the company will take stock panels and cut them down to fit.

Shutters designed with a divider rail or in the double hung fashion are a popular choice in bathrooms. They allow for closure of the bottom louvers for privacy while the top louvers can be left opened for a view and light; it’s harder to get that kind of function with curtains, drapes or wood blinds.

Sometimes a half shutter is all you need, however you won’t get as much insulation or sunlight control. Full window shutters beautifully let in lots of light while protecting your furniture and rugs from sun damage. So weigh the advantages and disadvantages before making the decision to go with half shutters.

When shutters are built specifically for your windows, you will have lots of choices regarding how they are designed. If you never plan to actually open the panels back against the wall, having them open from the center is fine. But if you plan to throw open the panels and there is something in the way on one side then bi-fold is the way to go. They work similarly to bi-fold doors, folding one on top of the other, off to the side. How your shutters are designed will depend on your needs/wants and the style of your windows.

Full height shutters can be used to fill full height windows from top to bottom or even a door way or archway. They often have a break in the louvres about 2 thirds of the way up for both style and privacy so that the top louvres can let light through while the bottom ones keep your privacy. You can however specify where they would like the break in the louvres depending on the style of your windows.

Tier on tier shutters are split in the centre and both the top and the bottom can be opened separately. This looks good and also is used again so that light can be let in whilst at the same time giving privacy. It also means that you can open windows for air flow but still have the required protection from sun light.

Café style shutters are ideal for ground level windows and town houses, cafe style shutters only cover the bottom part of the window. They are mainly used on tall windows that stretch to the majority of the walls length. A great advantage of this style is that it maximises light whilst providing privacy. They also give the room a European look and feel.

Track shutters are typically used in doorways or in front of patio doors. The shutters can either be pushed all to one side or can be split in the middle and opened up both ways. The track shutters can also be put in front of an internal doorway i.e to the kitchen and the one piece shutter would glide along the track in either direction depending on preference.

Solid panel shutters can be made the same as any of the above however instead of louvres a solid wood panel can be used instead

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