soho residence

Ever step foot in a place and get that weird recollection that you’ve been there before?

Hardly even through the doors at the newly renovated Soho Residence and cue the flashback of dancing so hard I ripped my trousers from ankle to waist.

Soho residence

It’s become a lot more upmarket since me and my ripped trousers, with a £1m restoration to transform the iconic space into a premier bar, club and lounge.

soho residence

On the ground floor, the ‘Botanical Bar’ hints at art deco styling. Sleek furnishings and plush plump cushions are very Soho, yet hanging plants cascade from the ceiling like in the jungle. You’d almost half expect to see Tarzan here, that’s if Tarzan had a tube card and wore suede. 

Downstairs, they’ve done away with the jungle but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not the place for a bit of wild behaviour. Nicknamed the ‘Festival Club’ after the rock n’ roll vibe and wall mounted guitars, this basement bar has swapped out the botanical cocktails and replaced them with craft beers and hard liquor to accompany those nights of grown up fun and late night partying.

Shuffle up two flights of stairs to the first floor ‘Gin Parlour’ and you’re officially in the place to be seen. Huge windows look onto Wardour Street below, letting out the steam but letting in the high energy vibe of this part of town. 

soho residence

Drinks trends are everywhere nowadays but gin is still in no matter what you think. Soho Residence has an extensive selection of the world’s best gins (we’re yet to send in our gin connoisseur to test this theory), which are made into very modern twists on the classic G&T, although they won’t turn their nose up at you if you wanted to dive right in on the classic.

With a DJ playing every night, no matter when you rock up you’re bound to find a party, so check it out.

Written by our man Sam who you can find here, enjoying the good life….

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