journey restaurant

Journey, where you get to explore different cultures and cuisines totally visa free!

The concept rests on customers embarking on a 2 hour interactive taste travel to connected countries and places within a Journey of their choice.

Each Journey includes 4 courses and 4 paired drinks from the lands it touches. It is our twist on traditional tasting menus. 

Journeys include: 

The Silk Road (Which starts in China with a course and a tea cocktail, then continues to Pakistan/India’s hospitality followed by some Persian food and drink and will finish with the sweet stuff and limoncello in The Mediterranean)

Castilla (Peru -> Mexico -> Spain -> The Philippines)

Eastern Block (The Baltics -> Poland -> Romania/Bulgaria -> Mother Russia)

The Raj (Great Britain -> Pakistan/India -> USA -> Kenya) 

Every Journey also has a full vegan option.

“At a time when the world is divided more than ever, I am excited to introduce different cultures through food and drinks to our community,” said Seb Lyall founder of Lollipop, the company behind the capital’s many well known immersive bars and restaurants. 

journey restaurant

Journey is housed in a very upbeat fun 3 storey building in Chelsea with our very own Champagne Puking Unicorn (Yes, you heard that right!) and an ancillary Espresso Martini bar called Chelsea Black. Customers can flow between these spaces after of before their experience. 

“With the popularity of home food delivery rising, we believe restaurants are no more just “eating houses” but also places to have a great night out with an amazing multi-faceted experience.” he added.

journey restaurant

“This is exactly what we did cocktails bars back in 2015 with ABQ and now a whole industry of immersive bars exists in our city. The design and customer experience of restaurants now need to evolve and that is what we are aiming to achieve with Journey.”

Journey opens in Chelsea in October (before the 31st!) and a pre-booking list is now open with currently over 2000 people signed up to it.

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