KERB x Superbloom at The Tower of London

Incredible nature and awesome food at the iconic Tower.

On a boiling hot afternoon (I’m talking a heatwave bursting 30 degrees), I took the tube to London Bridge station and marvelled once again at how amazing London is bathed in sunshine.

The tall buildings ping blinding lasers of light onto the murky Thames, the South Bank is packed with tourists, office workers on breaks and kids enjoying the water fountains. Everyone seems happy – yes, even in central London!

As I cross Tower Bridge, I’m reminded of why this is one of my favourite places in London. Actually, the world if I’m honest. I have always had a romance with the Tower of London. I love the history. I love the way it sits proudly on the riverbank surrounded and engulfed by ever growing skyscrapers, but yet never loses its intimidating stance and status. Superbloom and the street food market KERB have only added to its beauty and appeal! 

From the street everyone gets a glimpse of the incredible wildflower display that Superbloom has created in the famous moat at the base of the fortress. Every colour imaginable pours into the wide, winding space. A sea of cornflowers, marigolds and much more. I’m lucky enough to have a pass into the grounds to enjoy this creation up close.

It’s easy to get in. I found there were no queues and many, many helpful volunteers to guide me around. The scenes I captured on my camera phone are epic. If you are a nature lover – particularly one who loves mini beasts, then this is a little piece of heaven. Bees, butterflies and some impressive colourful dragonflies are reaping the benefits of this display. Something most needed, especially in central London. This event has been carefully planned and cultivated to support our most important, busy insect friends.

With my phone full of colourful delights, and maybe too many “bees in action” photos, I’ve worked up a hunger walking around the castle’s base. Oh, and a mighty thirst too (remember, 30 degrees!). 

Luckily for me, I’ll be sampling the delights of KERB. Sitting alongside the display at The Tower is a purpose-built market with some of London’s best street food, drinks and a shady spot to sit. There’s even a gorgeous little café, with sweet treats, teas and coffees.

I wander through the dapple shaded market, spotting fresh mezze boxes, Nashville chicken, steamy dumplings, and truffle burgers. To tempt me are also an array of flavourful gelatos and desserts. Not forgetting the summertime favourite cocktails, beer and cider that I spy. There is something for all tastes and it’s situated in one of the most scenic areas of the world.

You can seat yourself under the shadow of the famous and stunning Tower Bridge, watch boats glide past on the Thames and marvel at the century year old majestic tower before you. It’s a pretty special place for a bite to eat!

I went for the Fried Chicken Strip Box from the Nashville Hot Chicken van. Delivery was speedy and the portion was plentiful. I know water should have been my choice after a sweaty walk around the grounds, but I couldn’t resist an ice-cold beer from the bar! It certainly complemented my delicious fried chicken and crispy fries!

As I sat in these incredible surroundings, eating my lovely lunch, I felt very lucky. It was the sort of afternoon that you really live for. The sun helped a little, but I expect a few showers wouldn’t have spoilt the experience! I would just advise you slap on the sun cream if you do get as lucky as me with the weather when visiting!

KERB will be open for both ticket holders and free to visit for the public, daytime and nighttime, 7 days a week. Situated by the riverside of The Tower.

From now until 18 September 2022.

Open Hours: 

Pop Up Cafe: 9am-7pm

Food: 11am – 7pm

Bars: 12pm – 7pm

More details can be found at

Review and images by Saffron Bentley

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