This Wellness Retreat Will Change Your Life

Wellness comes in many different forms and for some a massage or facial will be just the right amount of self-care to get them feeling well again. However, for those of you who feel trapped in anxiety attacks, struggle to navigate relationships or who feel that you are repeating mistakes, this could be the transformational retreat for you.

Sharon McKenna Daniels, a therapist with over 20 years’ experience, has created a three-day empowerment and transformational wellness retreat, designed specifically for women over 40, and the results are quite simply, life changing.

Heading off to the retreat to be part of Women Who Thrive, I felt instinctively like this had come at the right time for me. The combination of starting my own business, a recent period of self-reflection and ever-increasing anxiety attacks had all resulted in feelings of frustration and failure.

The retreat is set in the most beautiful, homely, luxury farmhouse. With on-site private chefs nourishing you with the most delicious food. The group soon bonded over relaxed cooked to order breakfasts and beautiful three course evening meals.

Upon arriving in our rooms to thoughtful gifts, we were able to pick our holistic treatments. I chose Reiki healing and having it set up in my room after the first session of the weekend was such a lovey treat. In your downtime there is also a sauna, hot tub, yoga space and of course miles of countryside to enjoy.

The sessions are emotionally challenging. I was surprised how quickly everyone shared their traumas and it is testament to Sharon’s intuition and skill how comfortable you feel opening up and completing the tasks in such a short space of time. She holds space and guides the group with a kind, yet firm, insightful professional and personable manner.  It’s awesome to watch her passion for helping people.

Throughout the three days the sessions take you through your childhood, adolescence and historic adulthood to uncover reasons as to why you behave and react the way you do. You are then given a toolkit in the form of The Inner Mentor Guidance System that Sharon has developed to help you rewire your brain to help you live a more calm, positive and empowered life.

Through meditations, hypnosis and learning techniques you are equipped to leave the retreat a better version of yourself. I have taken the insights learned to treat myself with more compassion, to assess my emotional needs more quickly and to react to triggered emotions differently.

The effects of the retreat are so profound that the group I was with are still in touch on a regular basis. Sharon creates such a safe space with the option to join regular zooms afterwards to support and check in with each other.

I overheard one lady say that she learned more in three days than she has after years in therapy. If you feel stuck and want to invest in some real self-care.  This could be the wellness retreat for you.

This wellness retreat will change your life, it did mine!

Review and Images by Emmie Blower @emmiebhungry

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