Little Boxes made with Love & Gratitude

Last month we introduced you to a unique and fabulous business, Self Care Treat Box. This time, owner, Debbie expands more on the introduction of her Subscription Box.

Self Care Treat Box was designed on the foundation of mental health experience, beauty therapy experience, the love for self-care and making others feel good.

The name ‘Self Care Treat Box‘ came about because Debbie believes that we don’t do enough self-care! In such a fast-paced accelerating environment which we live in, the main thing we neglect or put to bottom of the list is our own self-care. Treating ourselves to some time out, pampering, grooming, or something so simple as lighting a candle or relaxing in the bath –  we should do at least once a week as it can do wonders for our physical and mental health.

Debbie is passionate about changing that. Not only because we need to treat ourselves as a priority, but because it is vital, especially for our mental health, to switch off, to engage with ourselves on a calmer level and to connect with our inner self. Looking after our mind is just as important as anything else, especially in the world as we know it today.

With Self Care Treat Box, Debbie has created something that makes you feel good, relaxed, loved, special, cared for and your journey starts upon delivery.

We asked Debbie to tell us about her new Subscription Box, “I believe that self-care and mental health go hand in hand and if one is off balance, this will affect the other so it is important to us to cover both aspects to enable you to have a healthy and happy month.

Your box will be packed with lots of positivity, surprise items to encourage self-care and hopefully have a positive impact to your life. Received every month, it is bound to make you smile and will be something to look forward to!”

Every month the products will change however, some products may be in our other treat boxes so if you have purchased one of our Treat Boxes, please bare this in mind.

Sign up to Self Care Treat Box monthly subscription to receive a selection of carefully chosen self-care surprises every month. This special monthly subscription box will include self-care ideas and products to make you feel good both mentally and physically.

***Please note that despatch will be around the 10th of every month, please select the’ Monthly Subscription Postage’ on the postage page. Leave the rest to Debbie!

Here’s what some customers have to say:

“Self Care Treat Box has been amazing! They offer such a range of products and they really are for ‘self-care’. I look forward to receiving mine every month it does not disappoint. The businesses involved are amazing too and the owner is the loveliest, most helpful soul. I can’t wait for the next month!”Saffron Rose

“I subscribed to Self Care Treat Box after ordering two of their boxes previously. Both times I was overwhelmed with the quality of the products and thoughtfulness to self-care both physically and mentally. I have had subscriptions to other companies for similar boxes, normally it consists of a few sample sized products. Not with this subscription! It is thoughtful and encouraging with amazing products. The price can’t be argued! I am excited to see what I will be getting each month! Fantastic product from a well thought out, local business!” Tara L

“I’m so happy I signed up for the monthly subscription of Self Care Treat Box. Each month you get a mixture of goodies which completely lift the mood and leave you feeling happier and more positive.
You can tell each box has been carefully thought out and Debbie adds the little personal touches which makes it extremely special. I cannot wait to see you what is included in the next few boxes”
Sammi James

Ready to order yours?

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