How to Stay Hydrated in a Heat Wave

As temperatures soar to 40º, Brits are urged to stay hydrated air up provides smart tips to stay hydrated and healthy throughout the day. 

As parts of England are predicted to hit 40C this week reports the Met Office, a spike in hydration-related health issues are expected to be on the rise, even among fit and healthy people. As new data by air up now unveils that 45% of Brits only drink one glass of water a day, hydration experts, air up is seeking to keep Brits safe and healthy by unveiling top tips from founder Lena Jüngst on how to stay hydrated during a heatwave.  

Keep water with you at all times

stay hydrated

“As Brits flock outdoors, we must remember to pack our water bottles to ensure we’re not caught out in the sun without any access to water. Carrying a bottle of water (e.g., our air up) in the summer weather provides us with instant hydration as and when we need it.”

Be aware of how much water you’re consuming

“Although taking sips of water here and there is great, it’s better to be aware of exactly how much we’re consuming to be sure we’re actually getting as much water as we need. It’s all too easy to feel as though we’re drinking litres of water whilst takings small sips but in reality, sometimes this only equates to a glass or so a day. Carrying a water bottle and setting a goal of how many of these you are drinking throughout the day ensures that this does not happen.”

Drink before you’re thirsty

“To stay hydrated it’s important to make sure your water levels are constantly being topped up throughout the day. While outdoors, these levels are depleted at a much faster rate and we might not even realise we’re thirsty until we’re at the point of dehydration, so it’s important to make sure to drink at regular intervals throughout the day.” 

Enjoy what you’re drinking!

stay hydrated

“A third of the nation have told us that they find water boring, so they don’t drink it often. This weekend, it’s more important than ever to get Brits drinking water to keep everyone safe. If you don’t like water, drinking as many fluids as possible such as squash, tea, or better yet plain water that tricks our senses into tasting flavour, keeps our water levels up and keeps us safe in the sun.”

Key stats:

  • 45% (23,152,000) of Brits drink around one glass of water a day
  • 25% of Brits (12,600,000) don’t know that a healthy water intake helps stave off weight gain
  • 30% (15,701,000) of Brits find water boring so they don’t often drink it
  • 29% (14,814,000) of Brits have tried, without success, to drink more water

air up is therefore advocating for an innovative way to add flavour to our soft drinks without the chemical nasties that offset our goals to stay hydrated and live healthier lifestyles. To try and provide an innovative, healthy, and still tasty way to drink water, improving our relationships with hydration, air up is advocating for the use of retronasal technology. 

With 80% of flavour coming from our sense of smell, instead of taste, air up harnesses this clever bit of science, infusing every sip of water from your bottle with flavoured air, offering Brits a healthy alternative to flavoured drinks while still drinking 100% pure water. Each pod contains natural flavourings and scents that infuse with ambient air to be added to the pure water, these flavours range from Lime and Orange-Passionfruit to Cola and Iced Coffee with ten others in between, offsetting British aversions to water and improving our sense of health and wellness in the process, truly disrupting the soft drinks sector and our consumption habits.

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