How Employers Can Promote Workplace Injury Prevention

Did you know that about 2.6 million non-fatal workplace injuries occurred in the United States in 2021? Many of those injuries require medical treatment.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to promote workplace injury prevention. Doing so can not only prevent harm to workers but also avoid liability.

Whether you’re a small employer or a company with dozens of employees, chances are you care about your workers. It could be that some of them are going to end up hurt on the job.

Do you want to know how to prevent workplace injuries? Then, read on!

Provide Health and Safety Training

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It is important to provide health and safety training. These training sessions should use interactive methods such as group discussion. Role-playing activities may also help ensure that workplace safety is better understood.

The training should cover both physical and mental health hazards related to the work. Provide an appropriate risk assessment of the workplace. Also, teach your employees how to report any hazards they observe as part of the health and safety procedures.

For hazardous tasks, employers should provide coaching. They should as well perform practice drills before allowing employees to work independently.

One example is to train them how to perform CPR correctly. It is beneficial for everyone in the workplace to get a CPR certification. You may visit if you want to learn more.

Identify Potential Hazards

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Potential hazards include falls, cuts, environmental exposures, and noise. Understand the type of hazardous activities that present the most risk to employees.

You can also take appropriate preventive measures. Do it by creating clear protocols for your employees to follow when conducting hazardous activities.

Furthermore, you should also give attention to safe lifting and carrying techniques. Installing warning signs and providing proper ventilation can also help reduce the hazards in the workplace.

Use Personal Protective Equipment

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PPE can include safety glasses, gloves, hard hats, and protective boots. You should ensure that these items are always in good condition.

Moreover, you need to properly maintain and store them. All of your employees should also know how and when to use such equipment.

Regularly inform your employees on the correct way to use PPE. You should also encourage the workers to report any PPE-related problems or concerns.

Conduct Regular Workplace Inspections

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Inspections can include checking for any unsecured items and poorly maintained machinery. It could also cover looking for hazardous conditions and worn guardrails and walkways. Make sure that all areas and equipment follow a correct health and safety policy.

Once you get to identify any potential risks, you can issue corrective action notices to address the condition. From this, you may institute guidelines that employees must follow to prevent injury or illness.

Prevent Workplace Injury Today

Taking significant steps with your employees that will prevent workplace injury. Make sure to provide health and safety training, CPR Ottawa training, and identify potential hazards, use personal protective equipment, and conduct regular workplace inspections.

Ultimately, promoting a safe and healthy workplace is good for both the employees and the employer. So, you need to keep this goal in mind when implementing safety policies.

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