A Chance to Make Your Mind Turn Blue

Why are we drawn towards the sea? What is it about the beach that creates a sense of wellbeing and calm? Would you like to learn more and discover a deeper connection to the ocean?

Throughout history human beings have been fascinated with the healing effects of being beside or within a body of water. From Roman baths to Ayurveda treatments, its purifying properties were and continue to be celebrated, especially for the positive effects on the mind.

One of the most notable outcomes of the covid pandemic is the dramatic increase in people taking part in open water swimming. Over the past two years it is estimated that participation has tripled in the UK. The British Medical Journal cited open water swimming as a possible treatment for depression and anxiety in 2018, whilst current studies collate data for further analysis.

Yet simply being beside its natural rhythm can have an impact on mental and physical wellbeing according to some practitioners. References to the water element within us reach thousands of years into traditions of meditation and ancient associations with longevity and youthfulness.

As neurological studies into the effects of meditation continue to demonstrate, it is possible to change the shape of mind through practice. So how do these studies come together and does having a blue mind mean a healthier, happier life?

Curativate’s Blue Mind Meditation Retreat focuses on strengthening this connection and finding flow through the water’s natural melody. With over twenty years of experience Laurie leads a carefully curated programme that teaches from the inside out. A rich tapestry of meditative practices from salt water circles to fireside relaxation that encourage mind and body to go with the flow.

Situated in one of Scotland’s most picturesque coastal locations this immersive three-day journey includes a unique day of mindfulness on the Isle of May nature reserve, home of one of the largest puffin colonies in the UK.

With main line East Coast train services direct from London to the door everyday, your blue mind encounter may be easier than expected. Choose from specially selected accommodation, with options for solo travellers and friends. Locally sourced soul food feasts with abundant choice to suit all tastes fuel and nourish a nurturing encounter with the environment.

If your toes are tempted, perhaps its time to dive in and turn your mind blue in May with a stay at one of the UK’s most unique holistic health centres.


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