Health is like money. You never have a real idea of its value until you lose it. If you have your health, look after it and do whatever you can to keep it.

Once it’s gone or the damage is done, it can be almost impossible to get it back, certainly to the same level you experienced previously.

If the day comes when you have to start thinking about your health in terms of how to try to get it back, you’ll find that so many avenues are already closed to you. At that point, you’ll wish more than anything that you hadn’t made some of your previous lifestyle decisions. 

That’s the best reason of any, to work on your health right now. The great news is there are preventative measures you can take immediately to protect your health and even strengthen it while it’s good.

Here are four things you can start today to earn yourself more longevity and a greater quality of life throughout your life. 

#1 Re-boot your mind

Think of chronic stress affecting the brain in a similar way to how simultaneously running too many programmes on your computer can impact its performance. Our brains are our computers and can become overloaded! Pausing and taking a few mindful breaths, focuses us on a single short task to clear our mind allowing us to refocus, stay calm, make better decisions and ‘re-boot’.

#2 Physical activity is good for your body

Fitness is a lot like most things: consistency and common sense rule the day. Make your fitness programme a fixed part of your lifestyle, not merely an ‘optional extra’ which can be easily swapped or dropped. You can go all out for the extremes now and then, such as training for a super marathon or getting ready for a tournament, but generally, your body will respond if you train consistently, on a regular schedule, to achieve marginal gains that lead to excellent health over time.

#3 You are what you eat

Fast-paced living does not equal junk food, eating on the go or missed meals. You have an obligation to yourself to create a healthy and balanced diet which includes a daily mix of fresh fruit and vegetables, a blend of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The discipline though is to stick to it until it becomes habitual and the default mode for how you naturally eat and fuel your body.

#4 Structure downtime into your life

It’s good to be focused and driven and to push yourself to excel. But it’s also good to do nothing. Being busy all the time is not sustainable. It’s a perfect recipe for burnout, and burnout isn’t just a metaphorical thing. Unwind with rest, where work or movement is ceased to sleep or recover strength, and relaxation, which involves engaging in activities that you enjoy.

To give your best, you have to be at your best. If you don’t look after yourself, who is going to do it for you?

Royston Guest is a leading authority on growing businesses and unlocking people potential. Entrepreneur, author of #1 best-seller Built to Grow and RISE: Start living the life you were meant to lead, CEO of Pathways Global and founder of The Business Growth PathwayÔ and Pti Worldwide.

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