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Warner Leisure Hotels has commissioned a study investigating the popular British traits we are most famous for, and teams up with Jenny Éclair to help ease the stress caused by upholding British values.

The recent survey by Warner Leisure Hotels finds that: 83% of people living in the Yorkshire and Humber identify with typical traits of being British. With 46% agreeing that queuing is the most popular British-sim. 48% say that upholding these typical British traits can cause them regular stress. 41% of people in Yorkshire and Humber agree that the British require more stress relief than other nations

The survey of over 50s living in the UK by Warner Leisure Hotels uncovered the most popular traits which make us truly British and proud of it. Unsurprisingly, queueing for absolutely anything and everything was crowned as the top British trait by those living in Yorkshire and Humber (46%), followed by saying sorry for no reason at all (42%) and being appalled at the lack of other people’s manners (37%) – customs we can all relate to.

 Furthermore the survey by Warner Leisure Hotels also found that, while most of those living in Yorkshire and Humber are proud to be British and find it important to uphold these famous British standards, it seems that a number of these British-isms are causing us regular stress. In particular, people living in the region are so appalled when people forget their P’s and Q’s that the stress caused leads to physical aches and pains. So much so, that 56% say that this can often result in suffering with stiff shoulders, a knotted neck and a sore spine, leaving us feeling less than jovial.

 The top 5 British traits that cause those living in Yorkshire and Humber stress on a regular basis are; (41%) absence of manners, (21%) queuing, (25%) poor drivers, (18%) hiding our emotions and (17%) not confronting poor customer service.

Social commentator, Jenny Éclair has joined forces with Warner leisure Hotels to help ease the stress of being British, with the launch of the Great British Massage. Famed for her witty humour and the Grumpy Old Woman tours, Jenny said: “It’s a tough old gig being British, all that bottled-up stress that comes from our incredible inability to say what we’re really thinking can be a massive pain in the neck – quite literally!

 “We’re so uptight in comparison to our friends overseas; our European counterparts have held the perfect remedy for centuries in the form of Turkish baths and Swedish massages. So it’s high time we had something to soothe our frustrations – after all, we’re the ones who need it the most.”

Fortunately, the skilled masseurs at Warner Leisure Hotels have created the perfect relaxing remedy in the form of The Great British Massage. Specifically designed to target the areas stress is felt most, the neck back and shoulders, the massage aims to release pressure with deep rhythmic movements delivered by forearms and elbows.

 Visit www.warnerleisurehotels.co.uk/great-british-massage for more information on the Great British Massage, and to book your stay and treatment at selected Warner Leisure Hotel locations.