air skincare

We indulge in the best skincare but the moment we step onto an airplane, our skin becomes vulnerable to the altitude and cabin pressures that awaits us…

In the air, we are exposed to artificial pressure which has a serious impact on blood flow to the skin; the higher the altitude, the lower the blood flow to the skin.

This can cause our skin to be stripped of its glow, leaving skin to feel dull and dreary, as well as intense dehydration. 

The simple solution? Spend your time in the air having your own pamper session and give yourself an in-flight facial without leaving your seat! Because we don’t want you to lose your gorgeous glow, here are the top beauty products from natural and organic skincare brands Eminence Organic and Clockface Beauty that you need in your carry-on luggage to guarantee radiant, refreshed and hydrated skin as soon as you step off the plane…

Wearing make-up on an airplane can cause skin irritation and breakouts due to the low air pressure and dehydration. It is important to cleanse your face before your flight, to help skin breath, avoid breakouts and redness.

The award-winning Eminence Organic Bright Skin Cleanser brightens the appearance of skin whilst also reducing the signs of ageing. Suitable to use for normal to dry skin, skin becomes perfectly cleansed, smooth and radiant.

Apply a pea size amount with water in your hands and massage into the skin covering your face and neck.  

Begin your in-flight facial with a gentle exfoliation using the Eminence Organic award-winning Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel (which comes with cotton pads) to exfoliate dead skin cells away whilst also brightening the skins appearance. Just use one to two pumps of the solution onto one cotton pad and massage over the face and neck (avoiding the eye area) and leave on.

For eyes, use the Eminence Organic Cucumber Eye Gel –soothing cucumber and active herbal ingredients relax and reduce the appearance of puffiness, so you leave the plane with eyes feeling refreshed and bright.

Facial oils are the perfect little carry-on to have in your handbag. Luxurious with a high-performing formulation, the Clockface Beauty Signature Facial Serum is 100% natural, organic and vegan, suitable for all skin types; softening and hydrating the skin, as well as bringing balance to oily skin and soothing inflammation (with anti-ageing benefits).

The balance of vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids help to even the skin tone, lifts and tightens. Apply a few drops onto your skin and massage gently on the face and neck.

The Eminence Organics Facial Recovery Oil is also a great toning and hydrating oil to have on side, with its precious herbs and nourishing oils soothing and renewing the skin. One drop of this recovery oil relieves any dryness of the skin.

Using a face moisturising balm enriches the skin and hydrates the skin – the Clockface Beauty Clary Sage & Juniper Berry Moisturising Balm is wonderfully aromatic and an organic treatment that restores the skins moisture balance when it is at its lowest in the air, soothing and bringing a healthy radiance to the skin, as well as a luminosity and lovely glow. A combination of nine oil, enriched with avocado and mango butters, candelilla wax and vitamin E, the balm is rapidly absorbed, fact-acting and non-greasy to the skin.

One for your lips – the Clockface Beauty Lip Balm helps to treat dry or irritated lips and is packed with organic ingredients for full hydrated and nourished lips throughout your flight and after.

Before landing, top up your skin up with the Eminence Organic Lilikoi Mineral Defence Moisturiser SPF33, protecting the skin from the sun and drying environmental stressors – easy to apply, it shields the skin leaving a natural finish, so skin looks healthy and radiant, and ready for your holiday.

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