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Trinity Wig Specialists provides discrete and professional hairdressing for everyone.

Established in 1995, Trinity Hair Studio remains today one of the region’s most highly regarded salons and by following the same principles set down by the three partners to deliver the highest possible standards in haircare and customer service, Trinity’s reputation continues to flourish, especially as their portfolio of specialised services includes Trinity Wig Specialists.

The team consists of Jannine, Sue and Sandra, three professional hairdressers who have worked together for 28 years, during which they have gained an enviable reputation for bespoke cutting and styling techniques; they also offering a unique, private wig service. This is something they decided to introduce to the salon some 9 years ago, a decision which was strongly influenced by comments of encouragement and support from clients affected by hair loss.

At Trinity Wig Specialists, there is a private, well equipped consultation room within the salon, available by appointment which ensures a relaxed, confidential, one-to-one service. Hair loss naturally affects self-confidence and any initial consultation may be daunting, so the team aim to ensure a welcoming and comfortable environment for all their clients.

The girls told us; “Finding a wig you like may not be as difficult as you think. At Trinity Wig Specialists, we have an extensive range of high-quality wigs, from natural looking synthetics to beautiful real hair and, with our experience, product knowledge and hairdressing skills, we can help you choose the perfect wig for you. Whether you want to match your natural hair colour and style or would prefer something completely different, we can help and achieve the look you want by cutting and styling them to create the most effective results for each individual client.

There are a number of reasons why your hair may be thinning, usually this is related to stress or hormonal changes however, you may actually be losing your hair more dramatically due to Alopecia or medical treatment such as chemotherapy and any of these may knock your confidence dramatically, impacting on your quality of enjoyment in life.

If, for whatever reason you are losing your hair, make an appointment with us to discuss your options. In the first instance it may be possible to re-style your hair to look fuller and more flattering as shorter styles often help to disguise hair loss in the short-term. We also advise how to manage your hair before, during and after the hair loss process; to ensure your new hair grows in peak condition we use our Olaplex treatment, which strengthens your new hair growth and offer care advice before, during and after hair loss.

Another very important service is that Trinity Wig Specialists provide discrete and professional hairdressing for the transgender community. This established salon is equipped with a private room where you receive the time and attention you need to choose your perfect wig or hairpiece, which can be expertly blended with your own hair. You will also receive advice on growing, styling and managing your own hair to optimum effect.

For clients preferring an entirely private consultation you can make appointments outside our normal salon opening hours.

All initial consultations at Trinity can be arranged by telephone on 01274 595556.

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