Unwanted hair can be a real pain. Whether it’s on your face, your armpits, your legs or your bikini line, those stray hairs can cause a whole lot of awkwardness and embarrassment whether you’re wearing a summer dress or heading to the beach.

While we all know that we could head to the salon for a professional wax, that’s never a cheap option. If you want all your problem zones waxed before your vacation, you’re probably going to be looking at a fairly steep bill, and that might not be in your budget.

The good news, however, is that there are several effective ways to remove hair in the comfort of your own home without having to shell out a fortune. Let’s take a look at some of the options.

Use An Epilator

If you want a longer lasting way to remove hair conveniently, an epilator could be the way forward. Just as convenient and mess-free to use as a razor, the great benefit of an epilator is that the results are longer lasting. You can expect a few weeks without any regrowth after one use of your epilator on your legs, armpits or bikini line. One problem associated with epilators is that they can be painful to use since they’re literally plucking hair out at the root. However, these days, modern epilators have been designed to minimize the discomfort. There are also models available which have been designed specifically for use on the bikini line for proper grooming of this area without excessive pain. Although an epilator may not be a cheap purchase, it will pay for itself time and again over the years since this is one long lasting hair removal tool.


The old tried and tested method for hair removal is shaving. While it isn’t for everyone, it does have the advantage of being cheap and quick as well as being convenient when on the go. Some people find that they develop an uncomfortable shaving rash as well as nicks and cuts where they’ve accidentally caught their skin in the blades. This can be prevented by choosing a razor with a well-designed safety blade and by using a good quality shaving foam or gel which will allow the razor to glide effortlessly over the skin. The biggest issue with shaving is that the results don’t last long and you’ll need to repeat the process several times. For some people with fast-growing hair, it will need repeating at least once per day.

Hair Removal Cream

Another quick and convenient way to remove unwanted hair is to use a hair removal cream on all areas with unwanted hair. There are numerous brands on the market with some special products designed for people with sensitive skin. They are very easy to use since all you have to do is apply them to the affected area and then wait for them to take effect. Although older creams had an unpleasant odor, modern versions generally have a pleasant aroma and have a long lasting effect, making them an ideal choice for use before a vacation. The only real downside is that they are messy to use and aren’t very convenient on the go.


unwanted hair

If you only need to remove a small amount of unwanted hair, for example from the face, tweezing could be the ideal solution. Tweezers allow you to precisely remove individual strands, making them perfect for eyebrows and stray facial hairs on the chin or cheeks. You can’t use tweezers on large expanses of skin such as legs or armpits, and you might want to avoid using them on very sensitive areas, however if you numb the area with an ice cube first you should find the procedure relatively painless and convenient.

These are just some of the quick and easy ways to remove unwanted hair in the comfort of your own home without having to go to the expense of visiting your local beauty salon. In many cases, you can get good results and at a fraction of the cost of visiting a professional to get the job done. There’s sure to be a method here that suits your preferences.

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