To keep your skin looking refreshed and revitalised this summer, skincare experts have revealed the hero ingredients that can make all the difference in achieving that natural glow and flawless complexion…

1.       Chamomile

“Chamomile tea is associated with calming properties – the perfect cuppa for when you’re feeling stressed, but chamomile when used in skincare products can also have a calming affect on your skin. Chamomile can help to fade spots, eliminate acne scars and prevent break outs due to its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, such as α-bisabolol, chamazulene, and flavonoids. This flower is also high in antioxidants, which helps to prevent the skin from environmental elements such as ultraviolet rays, which can be more prominent in the summer months. Try Embryolisse Micellar Lotion, (£16.99,, which is enriched with chamomile and acts as a gentle cleansing lotion and 3 in 1 make up removes for the face, eyes and lips,” explains a spokesperson at best-selling skincare range Embryolisse. 

2.       Aloe vera

“Prickly heat causes a rash to form across areas of the skin during the hot weather. It can appear almost anywhere on the body, especially those covered by clothing as there tends to be more sweat produced where the clothing rubs against the skin. The rash is caused by sweat glands in the skin becoming blocked, stopping the sweat from escaping the body and instead it leaks into nearby skin, causing the rash. I’d recommend using Sesderma Hidraloe Aloe Gel (£18.20, directly on your heat rash to help relieve the irritated skin, as aloe vera can help deter inflammation and is also used as an antiseptic, which can cool down the skin and prevent infections from occurring,” explains Dr Gabriel Serrano Founder of Sesderma ( 

3.       Retinol 

“Retinol is a powerful anti-wrinkle agent that increases natural collagen production. It helps to reverse sun damage and assists in restoring skin vitamin A levels decreased by UVA. The main benefits of using retinol is the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles plumping the skin as well as reducing dark spots caused by photo-ageing, sun-exposure, hyperpigmentation, hormone changes as well as blemishes. As retinol is a powerful antioxidant, this should be used every day as part of your regular skincare routine. Retinol should ideally be applied at night as it can make the skin more sensitive to sun light. Try Sesderma RETI AGE ANTIAGEING SERUM 30 ML, £49.00,,”suggests Dr Gabriel Serrano Founder of Sesderma (

4.       Collagen

“When it comes to holiday season many of us are more inclined to get the likes of gel manicures and pedicures, which can result in thinner and more brittle nails. To help prep your nails and keep them looking and feeling in tip-top condition it’s important that you have enough collagen in your body. Collagen is a long-chain amino acid and the most abundant protein in the body, so not only keeps your nails looking refreshed and revitalised but also your hair and skin. LQ Skin, Hair & Nails (£29.99, Boots) is a once-a-day liquid collagen shot that contains 7,000mg of marine collagen, silicon, resveratrol combined with selenium and Biotin which contribute to healthy nails, hair and skin,” explains Jasmin Wigmore of Nutraformis. 

5.       African black soap 

“The summer months can mean that aircon is cranked up and fans are on full blast to help beat the heat, which cause dry and irritated skin. A time-honoured beauty secret that has been used for centuries throughout Africa is African Black Soap, which is an indulgent beauty potion that helps to pamper severely dry skin. Opt for SheaMoisture African Black Soap Soothing Body Wash, (£11.99, Boots) which is great for cleansing troubled skin, this hard-working body wash will help to calm and moisturise the skin whilst absorbing excess oil,” explains a spokesperson at SheaMoisture, the leading community commerce skincare and haircare brand. 

6.      Glycolic acid 

“Glycolic acid is a chemical exfoliator, as opposed to a physical exfoliator—like a face scrub. As such, glycolic acid can be used to help eliminate rough texture by sloughing away dead skin cells and smoothing out the top layer of the skin, to help achieve that natural glow – perfect for those summer make-up free days. This miracle ingredient is a multitasker; it doesn’t just exfoliate your skin, it also hydrates it too, as well as supporting collagen production and helping to fight the premature signs of aging. Glycolic acid also has a very low molecular weight, so penetrates deeply into the skin, as opposed to just sitting on the surface. Try Sesderma’s Acglicolic Classic Moisturising Gel Cream, (£46.00,, which contains Glycolic acid, as well as aloe vera to soothe and calm the skin and Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals,” explains Dr Gabriel Serrano Founder of Sesderma (

7.       Hibiscus

“Ultraviolet (UV) light accelerates the production of melanin, so after years of frequent and prolonged sun exposure, age spots can appear. Hibiscus is a key ingredient to help counteract this effect. The organic acids, including citric acid and malic acid, found in the plant create an exfoliating effect. Hibiscus also helps to speed up cell turnover, which helps to even the skin tone. Try SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Illuminating Body Wash, £10.99, Boots, which contains a nourishing blend of Shea butter, coconut oil and hibiscus extract, to help moisturise and improve skin tone, whilst naturally illuminating the skin,” explains a spokesperson at SheaMoisture, the leading community commerce skincare and haircare brand.