So…sorry not sorry

So…sorry not sorry are the re-branding Queens and have burst into 2020 with a fun and vibrant range that promises to relax, refresh, and instantly nourish your skin and soul from head to toe.

When we first saw So…? we had flashbacks to our youth, where Saturdays were spent at our local Superdrug spraying the latest So…? body sprays and deciding what scent we would be splashing our pocket money on. So, with the latest launch of So…? Sorry not sorry, we could not wait to see if they could bring the remnants of our youth into our modern-day beauty essentials.

The first product from the range we were drawn to was the body mists. The original So…? creation we were super excited to see and what other fresh scents were available! It was a close call between the Lookin’ Good vanilla scent and the Spray My Way watermelon scent, but in the end, we went for the Good Vibes sweet almond scent. The scent was light and sweet and lasted all day, so the morning routine just got that bit shorter with a few spritz of this! After receiving numerous complements that day and at just £7 it is only Good Vibes around here girl with the body mist definitely leaving us with that So…sorry not sorry feeling!

With the body mist a success, we decided to keep with the sweet almond scent and go for the Soak it Up bath milk. We could not get ENOUGH of these beautiful bath milks – we want the whole collection just for sheer glamourous display on the bathroom shelf and at just £7 each we felt we deserved the treat. The milk itself is infused with a sweet almond oil which soaked into our skin and left us feeling cleansed, smooth, and fresh.

So…sorry not sorry

With the body and scent catered for, we decided to try some of the hair care range. The So Sorry Not Sorry Tame the Mane Hair Mask (£7) is one of the best sellers and again looks good on our bathroom shelf! The nourishing mask is enriched with Green Tea extracts to add renewed life to your hair and has a light sweet pea fragrance which could be often smelt with the movement of our hair throughout the day. The mask promises luscious, silky hair and it lived up to that promise, leaving us, as a family, booking in a weekly date with the Tame the Mane Mask and a Sorry not sorry attitude!

The So…Sorry Not Sorry range has some incredible products that covers perfume, body mist, bath and body to ensure your full beauty cabinet can be touched by their luscious scents. The range is available in Superdrug with fun beauty at an affordable price. If you don’t know where to start, the website boasts gift sets and So…? boxes ranging from £14-£20 which burst with a huge selection of products to tempt you.

So…? works with some of the best names in the perfumery industry in order to deliver fragrances produced by some of the finest fragrance houses at prices that won’t break the bank, ensuring beauty is inclusive and available to all. The range has scents from rich and bold to sweet, fruity and floral – there is a scent for every style, mood and occasion. Their London based in-house design team draws inspiration from catwalk trends, high street fashion, travel, blogs and social media, bringing the So…? range slap bang into 2020 and securing a spot in our own beauty cabinet, leaving us with a bold and fun So…? Sorry not sorry vibe.

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