As summer 2018 begins to draw to a close, many tanning addicts will turn to self-tanners to top up their sun-kissed glow.

Marissa Carter, Founder of Cocoa Brown, shares the common self-tanner mistakes people make and how best to avoid them and achieve a gorgeous glow with a flawless finish 

Applying a self-tanner which is too dark for your skin: Embrace your natural complexion by wearing a self-tanner to suit your skin tone.

Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter self tannerThe Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter 1 HOUR TAN MOUSSE comes in four shades to suit all, and can be developed for one, two, or three hours depending on the depth of colour self-tanner you wish to achieve.

Not using a tanning mitt: Tan stained hands is a huge giveaway that your tan might not be real, so using a good quality mitt such as the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Tanning Mitt is a Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter self tannermust. You can also add a small amount of petroleum jelly through your eyebrows to prevent the self-tanner from discolouring them.

Forgetting to apply a moisturiser to typically dry areas: Use an oil-free moisturiser such as Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser on your feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands to ensure a totally smooth Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter self tannerapplication.

Over applying: Preparation is key! Many people forget to exfoliate before applying their self-tanner which can lead to patchy skin and discoloration. Using the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter TOUGH STUFF 3 in 1 Body Scrub 24 hours prior to application will help prevent this.

Drinking or brushing your teeth after applying tan to the face: Let Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter self tanneryour tan dry before having a drink or brushing your teeth as accidental drips could wash away the colour or leave drip marks. This also applies to tanning with wet hair!

Forgetting to enhance your tan: Products like the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Golden Goddess Shimmering Dry Body Oil will add an illuminating glow to your bronzed skin. Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter self tannerAvailable in three shades, the oils and instant glamour – and they smell gorgeous too!

Staining your nails: Apply a coat of nail polish to your nails on your hands and feet to prevent tan from staining your nail plates. 

Exaggerating dark circles around your eyes: Again, a little bit of petroleum jelly will stop the tan from further darkening the area – no one wants panda eyes!

Wearing tight clothing immediately after tanning: Wear loose, dark clothing while the tan is Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter self tannerdeveloping and avoid contact with water to minimise any transfer.

Exfoliating too soon after tanning: The first time you shower after you’ve applied your tan, use shower gel but don’t exfoliate your skin. If you need an emergency fix, the Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter Fresh Start Self-Tan Eraser works in just five minutes and removes any last traces of tan for perfectly fresh and clean skin.

All products available at Superdrug stores nationwide.