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Famed for his blistering pace and majestic trickery, footballer Ricardo Quaresma is possibly as well known for his ever changing style as he is for his trademark ‘trivela’ shot.

Quaresma has sported an impressive range of  hairstyles throughout his career, who can forget the olive leaf from Portugal’s national coat of arms shaved and peroxided into the back of his head at Euro 16?

But like many people, Quaresma has incurred some partial hair loss, prompting him  to visit one of the best doctors in hair transplant Dr. Balwi, at the world renowned hair transplant clinic in Turkey  – ElitHairTransplant  – to solve his doubts about hair loss.

Like Quaresma, there are more than 100,000 patients who each year receive a hair treatment.

The renowned experience in hair transplantation has made Istanbul the capital of hair transplants, where more and more Europeans undergo this treatment and return to show off a beautiful hairstyle.

For example, the clinic Elithairtransplant, to which Quaresma is directed, offers a hair transplant at a price ranging between 2,000 and 3,500 euros, including accommodation and transfers. Affordable prices and excellent techniques, such as hair transplant with the FUE technique or DHI.

What was the treatment done by Quaresma?

elithair transplantIn Istanbul, Quaresma addressed Dr. Balwi, and although the athlete wanted to perform a transplant, Dr. Balwi recommended another treatment called micro-pigmentation. The specialist, in fact, knows well the needs and wishes of his patients and wanted give him the best advice. This technique consists in the application of micro points of 0.6 to 1.2 mm on the scalp so that the hair is thicker.

It is considered an immediate aesthetic solution since the technique used is the same as that of permanent makeup. However, micro-pigmentation may not be enough: in other cases, hair transplantation should be used. In Turkey, the Elithair clinic has become famous for hair transplants with the FUE technique, which is optimal and minimally invasive.

Could  you do it too …? And if the superstars do it, why not?

100,000 people a year, including the famous player Quaresma, have decided to improve their image using these game changing techniques.

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