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Ex-Leeds United footballer, Andy Couzens
Ex-Leeds United footballer, Andy Couzens

Intravenous (IV) Vitamin Therapy is one of the fastest growing wellness treatments in the UK but, you may be surprised to learn that REVIV, the global leader in IV therapy and vitamin booster injections with clinics spanning 5 continents, also has a clinic in Guiseley. Ex-Leeds United footballer, Andy Couzens, is the man responsible for introducing these treatments to the people of Yorkshire so we visited his clinic to find out more…

Andy, as an ex footballer and qualified personal trainer this is a different direction for you, what attracted you to REVIV? I had a treatment!! Seriously though, it’s a well-known fact that two thirds of us are constantly dehydrated or lacking in essential vitamins and minerals to perform at our best, I heard about REVIV whilst travelling in the US, tried a treatment for myself, felt amazing and knew that my clients would also benefit so decided there and then that I needed to open a clinic.  This coincided with me relocating my personal training business from a studio within the Marriott Hollins Hall Hotel to my own gym in Guiseley and was therefore, the perfect time to do it.

REVIV IV infusions
REVIV IV infusions

These treatments are still very new and relatively unknown, for the 80% of our readers who’ve never heard of REVIV or IV Therapy can you explain what it is? Yes of course, in very basic terms it’s a quick, safe and efficient way to rehydrate the body and deliver essential vitamins and minerals helping us perform at our best and boost our immune system. REVIV IV infusions take approximately 30 minutes to administer with effects lasting for up to 4 weeks and our vitamin booster injections take just seconds.

Why would people use REVIV instead of taking oral vitamins and supplements to maintain health and ward off minor illnesses? Many people religiously take oral vitamins and supplements but what they may not realise is that they are absorbing less than 50% of the vitamins that they are taking. With REVIV treatments our customers can gain 100% of the benefits.

We often see pictures of celebrities hooked up to a drip whilst they prepare for an event or recover from a festival, are these treatments just for the rich & famous? Absolutely not! Undoubtedly this used to be true, with only those who could afford a private physician able to enjoy the benefits. REVIV was originally formed with the goal of making the benefits of IV Therapy and Vitamin Boosters accessible to all. Having said this, REVIV Leeds is delighted to count Emmerdale stars Lucy Pargeter, Matthew Wolfenden, Gemma Atkinson & Natalie Robb as clients along with well known pop star Natalie Imbruglia and Austin Armacost of Celebrity Big Brother fame.

So, who is a typical REVIV customer? We actually don’t have a ‘typical’ customer, REVIV infusions are designed to alleviate many symptoms and can therefore deliver benefits to a wide demographic. In the Leeds clinic we have clients who are B12 deficient and are seeking an additional boost in between NHS treatments, clients seeking anti-aging or skin brightening, those who simply don’t have time to be ill and want to ensure they are performing at their optimum levels all the time, clients looking for immediate relief from colds and flu and of course those needing a quick recovery from over indulgence or hangover!

REVIV Leeds is co-sited with your personal training gym, do REVIV treatments appeal to your fitness clients? Yes definitely, REVIV have vitamin booster injections that are fantastic for accelerating weight loss or providing people with the energy to train harder but then achieve a faster recovery and many of my clients are now also REVIV converts. REVIV wellness IV infusions are great for amateur athletes wanting a boost before big event such as a marathon or triathlon or wanting to speed up rehydration post competition.

Who administers the treatments? REVIV Leeds treatments are administered by highly qualified and experienced NHS nurses to extremely high medical standards. REVIV have delivered in excess of 70,000 treatments globally and their stringent medical protocols are continually under review.

To book an appointment or find out more about what REVIV can do for you, call Andy on 07738 131580 or book online at