LQ Liquid Health

So they say good skin starts from within and with this innovative new range of supplements from LQ Liquid Health , I was about to put that very theory to the test.

Made with key skin loving ingredients in a convenient and easy to take liquid formula, LQ Skin, Hair & Nails really is a “little bottle with a big difference”

Formulated with 7000mg of Marine Collagen, a natural protein and key building block for healthy skin . It can aid the replacement of collagen lost through the skin’s natural ageing process adding to a more youthful appearance.

Biotin, to assist the maintenance of healthy skin and hair, Resveratrol – a key beauty ingredient derived from grape extract and last but certainly not least, the wonder ingredient that is Hyaluronic Acid.

As an Aesthetics Nurse who uses dermal fillers made from a cross linked injectable version of Hyaluronic Acid , I can totally appreciate it’s amazing ability to plump, smooth and hydrate the skin, whether injected, applied topically or in this case taken orally as a liquid supplement. I found taking then straight from the fridge added to the palatability of these supplements, although their slight passion fruit flavour is by no means unpleasant without.

Due to the liquid oral formula of LQ Liquid Health , they are readily absorbed through the gut and have a higher optimisation then a handful of pills. They are not only a handy, portable size but are gluten, lactose & dairy free so easily digestible even for sensitive tummies. I definitely feel my skin is clearer and brighter , and has a pleasing youthful glow. My hair, although always thick, healthy and strong seems to require far less TLC and less frequent conditioning treatments.

LIzzie reid
Lizzie Reid

My nails, even though kept short for work, are nowhere near as brittle as they were before starting my LQ Liquid Health journey. I’d definitely recommend these little supplement drinks if your skin, hair or nails are feeling a bit lacklustre, and would be keen to explore the rest of the LQ Liquid Health ranges.

Written by Lizzie Reid, you can check her out here being all glamorous and things (girl got a cute doggo too)