If you’ve been loyal to your hairstylist for years, switching to a new salon can feel like a betrayal, but as they say, a change can be as good as a rest…

Like many females, I have been using the same hairdresser for years; I felt very comfortable and with the trust that had built up over such a long time, I found it very difficult to go elsewhere in case they did something I didn’t like.

Imagining how long it would take for me to ‘grow out the disaster’! So, I just didn’t go anywhere else, no matter how good I heard a stylist was, I stuck with what I knew and where I was comfortable.

Well sometimes you just have to put your ‘big girl pants’ on and take the plunge! I had heard from so many people how brilliant the stylists are at Bottega Hairdressing in Guiseley and, over time I have built a strong relationship with the owner, Claire and decided to accept her challenge of giving my hair some TLC and a makeover.

I was asked to pop into the salon 48 hours before my appointment, where Claire did a skin test on me to make sure I had no reaction to the hair colour they use. The day arrived and I was nervous yet excited. I took with me a photo of how I would like my hair to look and entered the salon – no turning back now. This was to prove a hairdressing experience like no other. After being relieved of my coat, I was shown through the salon to an area where a backdrop and professional lighting had been set up for ‘Before’ photos! I was then taken to a seat for a consultation with Claire where we discussed the cut and colours I wanted, and Claire explained what I could expect at the first appointment and how long it might take to fully achieve the style I was asking for, she managed my expectations perfectly and I understood that it would be a few months before the front of my hair would be long enough to perfect my chosen style.

What I asked for….

The style had blond highlights and to make sure I had the correct tones put in my hair, Claire did an in-depth analysis of my skin and eye colour even checking the colour of my veins! Working from a tool to help me understand about the natural underlying pigment. We then chose colours I was happy with that would suit my personal skin tones.

Delighted with my new look!!

I am a prolific user of styling tools and unfortunately one in particular had caused extreme heat damage on the ends, there was at least 2 inches of completely frazzled ends. Claire explained that she was going to be putting a magic ingredient into the colour , Bond Ultima8 by Matrix. This would help prevent any more damage and would also help to restructure the hair. This was put in to each bowl of colour that was being used. A second phase Bond 2 was then applied after the colour had been rinsed off and massaged well in to the hair and left for 10 minutes to make sure my hair was in absolute tip top condition.

I had my roots coloured to match the existing colour of my hair and two different mixtures of blond applied for the highlights, the second, gentler one was just applied to the ends of the hair where the heat damage was intense. I had never experienced this level of hairdressing before and I loved it!

Once all of the colour and the restructuring treatment had been washed off, Claire cut my hair and styled it before taking me through to have my ‘After’ photos taken. I really did feel like I was having a celebrity makeover experience and best of all…I loved my hair, the style and the colours were superb, but was really impressed by the condition of my hair, it felt fantastic.

Guess where I made my next appointment?

1 Oxford Road
LS20 9AS Guiseley

T 01943 876666