3 steps to winning the war against skin pollution this summer

After UV rays, pollution is your skin’s worst enemy but unlike the sun, it never sleeps. Day or night, it’s impossible to avoid the car emissions, air conditioning and other airborne nasties that damage your skin, even if you live in the cleanest, greenest town or city.

Research shows that women who live near busy roads held 22% more hyperpigmentation and wrinkles in their skin than rural dwellers*. It’s enough to make you a hermit. According to the expert opinion of Oriflame’s Senior Director Science & Innovation Alain Mavon, “our natural skin defences are overwhelmed by daily exposure to these chemicals and oxidants.”

But all is not lost, even for the most dedicated urbanite, as swedish beauty brand Oriflame has devised  3 top tips for skin self-defence to help protect you from skin ageing, redness and pollutions other negative effects so you can go bare-faced and celebrate your natural beauty right through the summer.

From beginning your day with targeted cleansing to all day hydration and boosting protection in your beauty toolkit, here are Oriflame’s three steps to pollution defence, and a few insights into the importance of pollution protection.


Mavon says “A rigorous cleansing regime is crucial in prepping your skin to ward off pollutants which can build up and cause oxidative stress that leads to premature aging- something we all want to avoid.” Not only does a twice daily cleanse wash away car fumes, cigarette smoke and other city sins, it also primes your skin to absorb moisturisers that help boost its natural defences. Choose a gentle and hydrating cleanser like Oriflame’s NovAge Supreme Cleansing Gel to keep skin clean, supple and primed to let moisturiser work at its best.

For an extra deep clean, use a skincare brush like the Oriflame Skin Pro. It deeply cleanses whilst also massaging the face offering increased radience and a smoother texture.


Deeply hydrated skin is key in preventing harmful toxins from breaking through its natural barrier, so a thirst-quenching arsenal of day and night creams is essential in giving your skin round the clock protection. Oriflame’s powerful duo of NovAge True Perfection day and night creams takes this one step further. Enriched with Silk Tree Extract, they use the power of nature to strengthen the skin’s barrier even further,  keeping it on guard 24/7.

For an extra layer of moisturisation and to boost your own skin’s defence you could add in a primer like the NovAge Skin Priming Essence. Featuring a prebiotics technology, it nourishes your natural skin microbiome, and help to strengthen your skin barrier.


Come rain or shine you should be protecting your skin from SPF, but now many protection products, will also offer defence against the harmful impact of pollution too. The Oriflame Day Shield SPF50 UVA/PA++++ Advanced Skin Protector has pollution protect technology which works like a second skin forming an ultra-fine protective film on the skin’s surface. It also contains Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant to help protect the skin from free radicals, one of the most damaging pollutants.

Another great way to protect yourself from free radicals is to increase the antioxidants in your routine. Introduce supplements such as the Oriflame Swedish Beauty Complex Plus into your routine which contain a combination of antioxidants derived from Astaxanthin – an algae found in the Swedish archipelago – and blueberries found in the Swedish forests. This improves your natural defence from the inside out, helping you fight the effects of pollution two pronged.

Defence-boosting beauty

“Pollution protection shouldn’t stop with skincare. Innovation in beauty technology now means that your make-up can provide an extra barrier against toxins. Mavon says “ When shopping for summer make-up essentials, opt for a product that’s formulated with UV filters and anti-pollution actives to create a shield on the skin, capturing particles to limit penetration.” Oriflame’s The ONE A-Z Cream doesn’t simply give you a summer-ready glow, it delivers multifunctional protection including a patented anti pollution shield to help keep your skin – and your mind – stress free.