Our business is getting you into shape.

Your results are very important to us. 

We look at everything from exercise, lifestyle, nutrition, motivation, and progression so that you get the most effective service that personal training has to offer.

We like to believe that we are the market leaders in Personal Training. Our personal trainers are highly qualified, experienced, and passionate about you and your results.

XCEL PERSONAL TRAININGAt Xcel Personal Training we have been getting people in shape for almost 15 years. Working with all ages and abilities  we achieve consistent results by having a great team of highly qualified experienced trainers who know how to get in shape.

Paul from Xcel says “Most people have very similar goals when it comes to getting in shape. Its generally a combination of weight loss, tone up, and get fitter. Those are the main three goals which clients request. Some may want to focus more on the weight loss whilst others want to focus on getting toned but generally it is a combination of those three.”

We offer a FREE health and fitness evaluation before we start working together. This is important because you need to have a clear picture of how you want to look and feel both physically and psychologically. We take measurements and test your current level of fitness to establish a starting point.

Then once we have identified your goals we can start putting your diet, exercise, and lifestyle plan together. Addressing all three is crucial to your success and you won’t believe how effective this  system is if you get it right. We have a 100% success rate with clients that have followed this system. XCEL PERSONAL TRAINING

Many people follow a bad lifestyle of sitting down for too long and not moving enough, eating fast food & unhealthy snacks, and drinking alcohol most days. This is the main reason why people are in bad shape.

Unfortunately bad habits are very easy to start, but so can good ones if you want to change. We will give you lots of advice and tips on how you can improve your lifestyle and develop new healthy habits. You will also get our full nutritional support as we want your body to take in all the essential nutrients it needs without extra unnecessary calories. Remember eating more energy (calories) than what you burn will be stored as body fat. This is how people become overweight. Your workouts are all done here in our fully equipped private studio with your trainer one-to-one. We have both male and female trainers that are passionate about what they do and love nothing more than seeing you transform yourself. Your trainer will plan and deliver your workouts which are tailored towards your goals.

All of our trainers are very personable and are here to support and motivate you through all your workouts as we really want you to get in great shape. That is how we do it!


By changing your diet & lifestyle and working ONE-to-ONE with you in our private studio

Lose up to 3 stone

In 3 months! – why not get in your best Shape Ever this New Year?

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