The ketogenic diet has been popular for many years for its effect on weight loss, with celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox following the craze!

The ‘the Dirty Ketogenic diet’, follows the same high fat, low carb principle – except those following this diet do not care where the fat that they are consuming is coming from.[i] 

This means greasy pizzas, burgers and fatty meat cuts are all allowed – in comparison to the traditional version that favours natural, healthy fats such as avocados, nuts and lean cuts of meat. Our experts highlight the dangers of influencers switching the focus off ‘good’ fats and onto any fats and how you can benefit from following the healthy Ketogenic diet…

Dangers of the dirty diet

“Not all fats are equal. Processed foods such as pre-made burgers, ice cream, whipped creams and sauces are not healthy choices, in any case, whether you are or are not following a ketogenic regime. Transfats and hydrogenated oils are not only empty calories but also are very inflammatory and damaging as a result of being extremely processed. They are obtained by heating vegetable oils at high temperatures: this process changes the structure and properties of the food – removing the goodness. Scientific papers associate transfats with cardiovascular symptoms and inflammation,” explains Nutritionist at Natures Plus (, Martina Della Vedova.  

‘Good’ fats bring essential nutrients with them

Eating a pizza instead of an avocado certainty won’t provide your body with the same health benefits. Martina explains, “healthy fats are known as polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats which are found in the likes of avocadoes, coconuts and coconut oil, eggs, oily fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel, flaxseeds and nuts.” 

How to get results from a KetoGenic Diet

Nutritionist at Natures Plus ( Michela Vagnini explains, “the ketogenic diet is a high fat (75%), moderate protein (15%) and low carb (10%) diet proven to be effective and with long lasting effect for weight loss and general wellbeing. When you supply your body with high amount of healthy fats, while limiting the amount of carbs to a minimum, your body turns to fat (in the form of ketones) as its primary source of fuel. Ketones protect your muscle mass and make the amino acid Leucine more readily available. Leucine is especially important for the maintenance and building of muscles. This is why some people are able to fast up to 72 hours without loosing muscle mass, thanks to the presence of ketones in their blood.” 

Top Recommendations when following the ketogenic diet

Natures Plus have released a KetoLiving range. KetoLiving is a system of products specially designed to provide the support you need to live a successful Keto or LCHF (Low-Carb, High-Fat) lifestyle. 

The range includes a KetoLiving LCHF Vanilla Shake (£43.85, and a KetoLiving LCHF Chocolate Shake (£43.85, – both are an easy go to, pre or post workout, option as they are great for both weight management and helping to promote energy levels. These shakes are a delicious way to maintain a ketogenic lifestyle, helping to combat cravings all while aiding the body in ketosis and promoting optimal blood sugar control.

It is crucial, whether you are following the Ketogenic diet or not, to make sure your body is happy and provided with the special support it needs on a daily basis. This range also includes the Keto Multi Vitamin (£39.25, This is the only multivitamin that delivers a complete array of vitamins, minerals, ketogenic whole foods and ketosis-promoting benign microflora, helping to support your whole body’s nutritional needs.