I would think that everyone has heard about Forever Living Aloe Vera products, and personally I have been using their Aloe Lips Lip Balm, Aloe Evershield Deodorant Stick and Aloe Gel Juice Drink for years. So when I wanted to find a really healthy way to cleanse my system and hopefully lose a bit of weight in the process I didn’t hesitate to try the Forever Living C9 nine day cleanse. Caroline Harris from Glow is also a Forever Living specialist and distributor so it made perfect sense to get the kit from her and have her expert guidance throughout to keep me focussed; and keep me focussed she did with daily hints and tips and messages of encouragement.

Top C9 Cleansing Products
Top C9 Cleansing Products

Mental attitude towards taking on something like this is key; this is nine consecutive days out of your life where you need to be completely committed and focused and this is my C9 journey.

Here’s how it works: you buy a pack containing various gels, tablets, powders and paraphernalia including a tape measure, as well as information about how to follow the programme. For the first two days of the programme (which are designed to ‘reset your body and mind’) you’re allowed tablets and aloe vera gel in the morning, a fibre pack which you mix with water mid-morning, more tablets and gel for lunch (this time accompanied by a Forever Lite Ultra shake), and more tablets and gel for dinner. Then some more aloe vera gel before you go to bed. No meals. No tea and coffee just water.

I should point out that at every stage of the programme you’re allowed to eat the specified ‘free foods’ in moderation, which are listed in the pack. These include fruits and vegetables such as blueberries, apples, asparagus, lettuce and string beans. You can mix these things into your shakes or eat them on their own, and I found this really helped to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

So that’s it for the first two days. After that (for the final seven days of the nine-day programme) you can also add in a 600-calorie meal for either lunch or dinner, and you’re allowed an extra shake a day, meaning you could have a shake for breakfast and lunch, then a meal at night and I have to admit that after 2 days on minimal food intake, once I started having an actual meal it tasted fantastic and also seemed like a huge amount of food! For example did you know that a Sunday dinner including a small Yorkshire pudding falls into the 600 calorie bracket?

The first 2 days will probably challenge you the most; cutting out tea and coffee means you may get a headache, I had only a slight one which surprised me and Caroline’s daily support was invaluable. This just shows that when there’s support available you should take it!


Expect to spend a lot of time feeling hungry. My top tip for day one is to keep distracted. It was easy for me as my days are absolutely packed, it’s once I finish in an evening that I struggle. I just had a couple of early night!


I had an energy surge on day 3 day three, my body felt really light and the bloat had completely gone but boy was I ready for my first shake of the day. I packed it with fruit from the free food list and it was amazingly filling. Another shake at lunchtime and the 600 calorie meal in the evening when I am at my hungriest worked wonders…didn’t even need to go to bed early to avoid temptation!

DAYS 4-7

The days were all fairly similar, I’m not one for counting calories every second, or letting it rule my life, but in terms of giving yourself a boost of confidence and realising double portions aren’t vital this was great. I had a surprising amount of energy all day and did not get the afternoon dip I normally do.


Ok, time to be really honest, these two days were tough. It was the weekend, and I am definitely a weekend binge eater and drinker! The saving grace was Sunday dinner with all of the trimmings, it really is surprising how much you can eat for 600 calories!

My Forever Living contact Caroline, was fantastic – really supportive. She added me to the Facebook group so if I was struggling or needed some positive pushes through the hungry times I knew there were plenty of people feeling the same. After finishing the programme I had lost 10lbs and 13 inches and gone down a dress size! However, the most amazing result was the way I felt, the condition of my skin, hair and nails and through following the clean eating regime and moderate drinking I kept the weight off.

I have the H&N Charity Ball on November 13th and I already have my next C9 ready to go to make sure I look and feel amazing on the night!


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