Eight & Bob Original

A good cologne is essential for attracting attention when out in the wilderness (otherwise known as Greek Street or Call Lane if you happen to live in Leeds) and none more so than during the winter months when our bodies are either out of shape from all the festive gorging, or hidden beneath many layers of clothing.

As a rule, bolder fragrances tend to work best during the cold snap, however, there are a few scents so iconic, that they are guaranteed to draw compliments all-year-round. So, whether you’re single and looking to snare a new partner (Monday 8th January is officially known as ‘Divorce Day’, so you might be in luck) or just want to remind your better half that you’ve still got it, these five fragrances will make you smell good. Just add charm.

Ted Baker Silver Ag men’s fragrance

Ted Baker Ag aftershave

Featuring top notes of bergamot, violet leaf and pepper, as well as leather, cedarwood, amber and musk, Ted Baker’s new Ag fragrance is perfect for winter with its spicy, masculine appeal that blends modern with a little dash of old school. Encased in a matte, black jacket, the jet-black bottle is minimal in design and looks great on the bathroom shelf. An affordable everyday cologne that stands out from its contemporaries.

Available from Ted Baker (RRP £40)

Monroe Cologne No: 4

Monroe of London No 4 cologne

Monroe only stepped onto the men’s grooming scene in 2016, but the well-heeled Harley Street based brand is already making waves. Currently their one and only cologne, No:4 is a delightful mixture of lime, mandarin and bergamot, with herbal aromatics such as basil, jasmine and green tea. The harmonious combination of fresh citrus tones and spice deliver a unique scent that’s both vintage and contemporary. A refined aftershave and a brand to watch in 2018.

Available from Monroe (RRP £60)

Dior Sauvage

Dior Sauvage aftershave

Much like Bleu de Chanel, this perfume is almost a victim of its own success in that you’re unlikely to be the only guy (or girl) wearing it. However, it’s been the no.1 bestseller for the past two years for a reason, and that reason has nothing to do with a rather craggy Johnny Depp peddling it on horseback in the desert.

It’s an addictive scent that’s both fresh and woody, and one that you’ll most likely return to for years to come. I had to hide my bottle to prevent my housemate from stealing it, so he’s since bought his own (which of course, I am now stealing back).

Available from Dior (RRP £69.50)

Bleu de Chanel

Bleu de Chanel

Since hitting shelves back in 2010, Bleu de Chanel has been a fragrance force to be reckoned with. Possibly the most commercial release from the iconic French fashion house, it is also one of their best. Initially a fresh scent, dominated by mint, grapefruit and citruses, it soon settles into slightly darker territory when pink pepper and jasmine notes come through. It’s a cologne that always draws compliments, and it’s well worth paying the extra for the stronger, longer-lasting Eau de Parfum.

Available from John Lewis (RRP £87 Eau de Parfum)

Eight & Bob Original

Eight & Bob Original

If you’re ever quizzed over this cologne by a potential suitor, then you’re in luck, as it’s one hell of a story. Legend has it the scent was first gifted to none other than JFK back in the 1930’s while he was holidaying on the French Riviera (as you do), and the rest as they say, is history. The initial burst is sweet vanilla, which then moves onto way to deeper amber and wood tones. Presented in a nifty cut-out book presentation box, it’s an occasion scent that won’t be worn by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Available from Psyche Fashion (RRP £134.99)

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