Winter can wreak havoc on your skin — making it dry and irritated.

Cold, blustery conditions outside can leave your skin feeling raw, while indoor heat zaps moisture from the air and from your skin.

To get the glowing, clear skin in time for all the Christmas festivities Dr. Mervyn Patterson, Medical Director of Woodford Medical, recommends using a cleanser with Salicylic acid such as Epionce’s Purifying Wash

This is because ‘it doesn’t just strip your skin and take away it’s healthy lipids which would only create more damage and increase inflammation.

Rather, it repairs the skins barrier and cleanses it’. The Purifying Wash unclogs dirt from pores and helps to eliminate oil to clear blemishes and improve skin texture. In doing so, it eases the appearance of acne, spots and inflammation without irritating the skin whilst at the same time preventing further spots. 

 RRP £38 for 230ml (www.epionce.co.uk/products/cleanse-prepare/purifying-wash). 

The Purifying Wash is complemented by the use of Epionce’s Purifying Spot Gel if you are suffering from an outbreak of spots. Its clinically proven formula treats acne rapidly and effectively. 

 RRP £38 for 10ml (www.epionce.co.uk/products/correct-boost/purifying-spot-gel). 

Dr Mervyn Patterson then recommends using a Lytic product to correct and boost the skin before applying a moisturiser. Epionce Lytic Tx is highly effective in treating skin imperfections and improving the skin’s texture and tone. This product is clinically proven to be effective in smoothing imperfections and reversing visible ageing.

 RRP £57.50 for 50ml (http://www.epionce.co.uk/products/correct-boost/lytic-tx/)

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