• Patented 3D printing technology tailors seven natural, active ingredients into one edible vitamin stack –
  • Vegan, sugar-free, allergen-free, and exclusively available in the UK –
  • Plastic-free, sustainable, recyclable eco-friendly packaging –

Nourished, the world’s first truly customisable and personalised 3D printed nutritional product launches exclusively in the UK. Nourished uses a revolutionary new 3D printing method and patented vegan encapsulation formula to combine seven active ingredients – out of a choice of twenty-eight – to create a personalised chewable vitamin stack tailored specifically to an individual’s nutritional needs. Created and designed by serial entrepreneur Melissa Snover who first piloted the product’s idea and concept on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, Nourished is now available in the UK market for the first time. Nourished puts the nutritional needs of its customers’ first by creating a product specifically tailored to their requirements. By answering a short online consultation questionnaire, Nourished creates a bespoke vitamin and supplement recommendation, which is then 3D printed into an edible personalised vitamin stack.


Customers receive a month’s supply of Nourished stacks delivered straight to their door in plastic-free, home compostable packaging utilising an innovative new method which uses wood pulp rather than traditional plastic as the base. As each blend is made to order, the Nourished experience is customer friendly, less costly and less wasteful than purchasing individual vitamins and supplements separately. Additionally, as 98% of the active ingredients in Nourished are from UK based wholefood sources and are encapsulated in their patented vegan gel formula – the nutrients inside are higher in efficacy and more readily absorbed by the body than most traditional options in the market which have long supply chains and are in a isolate tablet form.

Nourished has been designed specifically with health-conscious consumers in mind and can create specific blends suited for each individual person’s needs. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts will now be able to supplement their diets to boost endurance and recovery, frequent travellers can boost their immunity and fight the symptoms of jet lag while being away from home, and vegans can supplement with Vegan D3 and Iron which can be hard to get from their diet. In addition, because Nourished comes in an enjoyable chewable format it’s also a great alternative for anyone who struggles to take traditional pills.

Melissa Snover, founder and CEO of Nourished said, “Nourished takes 3D Printing and uses it in a new and innovative way. We’ve kept a keen eye on how consumer demand is driving personalisation across a variety of sectors – from retail to health – and applied it to nutrition. We’re bringing a truly unique product to the UK market that will change the way consumers think about their nutrition, in much the same way wearable technology has disrupted the personal health market. Nourished is personalised and specific to the individual, is sugar-free, plastic free, vegan and delivered straight to your door. It is the first product in the market to offer such a highly-personalised nutritional solution that everyone can benefit from and it’s our hope that Nourished will transform the way people think about wellness and take care of themselves from the inside out.”

Melissa’s achievements speak for themselves. She is the winner of the Supreme Champion Award at the Future Food Awards 2019 and also the winner of the Innovator Award at the Women in Tech Awards 2019. Nourished is Melissa’s next exciting innovation to keep an eye on.

If you want to be one of the first people in the world to get your hands-on personalised 3D vitamins designed specifically for you, visit the Nourished website and fill out our lifestyle questionnaire here:

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