I have been trialling Fulhum EarthWater for the past week and as a water goes I have to say I am impressed.

Confession: I never drink enough of the essential H2O stuff, especially in winter. Which in all honesty is just as important to keep hydrated with all the central heating and dehydrating impacts of the cold weather on the body. The first thing I noticed about FulhUm is the colour. Its brown and this is due to the mineral content of the fulvic acid. Unlike tap water which tastes a bit chlorinated and hard, Earthwater is soft and fresh tasting. I normally don’t like tap water and I will confess don’t drink enough water on a daily basis because of this, even bottled water has a taste I am not fond of. But I drank 2x500ml  bottles on-the-trot as soon as I got my delivery. Clearly my body has been crying out for the hydration.  

Earthwater is 100% natural and free from anything artificial, zero calories and zero carbohydrates. All very big positives in the #Figure_Genie book. With over 70 trace minerals, this water is absorbed across the cell wall quickly and helps to hydrate much faster than standard tap water. Perfect for promoting healing and repair in the body, minimising cellular inflammation and the impact of free radical damage from our environment and daily stressors. With magnesium and iron amongst the minerals this helps to prevent cramping, boosts energy and cleanses toxic matter at a cellular level. That means great things for those who exercise.  It also means great things for those concerned about being able to slow the ageing process.

What is fulvic acid, you may well ask?

Fulvic acid is the ultimate “nutrient booster. As an active chemical compound, fulvic acid works in a way that helps us absorb and use other nutrients better — such as microbiota/probiotics, antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals. By improving the ability for our cells to absorb the important aspects of our food it basically improves digestive function and the brains functionality. Reduction in the inflammatory responses from those nasty free radicals we come in contact with daily means thats it helps to manage the onset of chronic health problems and slows cellular ageing. Trace minerals like silica help to improve collagen synthesis and by supporting the health of the gut it also supports the immune system to function effectivley.

A 2011 study published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease found that fulvic acid has several antioxidant, nutraceutical properties with potential activity to protect cognitive impairments, including Alzheimer’s disease. A contributing factor to the development of cognitive disorders is free radical damage and also a type of protein called tau, but studies show that fulvic acid helps lower the length of tau fibrils and their morphology, disassembling their performance and stopping disease progression. The researchers concluded that fulvic acid is likely to provide new insights in the development of potential natural treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.

Studies have found that humic acids have ion-selective electrodes that can be used for attracting heavy metals present in the body that are absorbed in the food we eat, so fluvial acid has a natural chelation process in ridding the body of these toxic nasties.

Now, this product is not cheap (£3.16 per bottle) when compared to other water on the market, however when you look at the multitude of health benefits in the product, I believe the investment in your health will see you saving on Gp visits.

Written by Sara Picken-Brown – you can find her being healthy and fit here