When it comes to revitalizing your skin from the inside out, most topical skincare regimens can’t penetrate far below skin’s outer layer.

New to the UK, FRANZ has the at-home alternative for the skincare serious.

In the past, expensive spa treatments or invasive procedures were the most realistic skin solutions. Avoid pricey injections, painful chemical peels and going under the knife. 

FRANZ delivers essential skincare ingredients to the deepest layers of your skin with the Jet Dual Mask System. Whether you’re looking for an effective anti-aging regimen, or  looking to solve various skin concerns and needs, FRANZ has over 30 years of experience combining scientific breakthroughs with beauty care solutions.

What’s the point of a facial mask when it delivers the same formulated solutions found in bottles and jars? FRANZ took the skincare mask concept one step further with the scientific innovation you’d expect to find in a medispa. The key to game-changing results is the brand’s Tissue X™ technology. 

Experience Skincare Technology Like You’ve Never Seen at Home 

Tissue X™ is a one-of-a-kind skin absorption enhancement technology that uses microcurrent ion energy flow. Penetrating the deepest layers of your skin, you can receive the benefits of iontophoresis treatments without dermatologist or aesthetician assistance.

Discover What One Single Treatment Can Do:

  • Revitalize your skin in just minutes
  • Provide enhanced hydration to inner skin
  • Instantly improve circulation, elasticity, cell turnover and skin barrier function
  • Reduce fine lines and redness 

FRANZ is the global brand working continuously to bring new advancements to the market that meet today’s beauty ideals. Partnering extensively with doctors and scientists across multiple fields including life science, chemistry and biomedical engineering, FRANZ puts the secret to beautiful skin back in your hands. 

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