Floating has emerged as one of the most exciting new trends to brace the UK’s health, wellbeing and fitness industry.

Floating is particularly recognised for having brilliant physical and mental health benefits.

Yue Float (one of London’s top wellness centre’s) is dedicated to providing experiences that restore, recharge and rejuvenate and at the forefront of the brand is promoting the benefits of floating.

FLOATING PODSThe aim of the Yue Float brand is to work towards helping you build your defence against the over stimulation, demands and stresses of daily living and their floating offering is key in achieving this.

The float pods are saturated with 500kg of Epsom salt allowing you to float unaided and enjoy a sense of weightlessness and total freedom. With the water maintained at body temperature you loose track of the boundary between water and body. Floating. The pods are cleverly designed to reduce sensory input and eliminate all external distractions such as noise and light.

Why is floating becoming so popular?

With many mental and physical benefits, floating is particularly popular amongst athletes, FLOATING PODSbusinessmen and women, pregnant women and those who practice meditation.

Using float pods for recovery is becoming increasingly recognised amongst top athletes as hugely beneficial for their bodies. Soothing muscle pain, preventing inflammation and helping to remove lactic acid are just some benefits that athletes gain instantly from floating. As well as the physical benefits, float pods provide a cleverly designed space for athletes to switch off mentally, relax and reset.

In todays hectic urban lifestyle, the everyday business men and women are also turning to floating for stress relief, relaxation, pain relief, reducing anxiety and an increase in overall wellbeing.

Physical benefits for Athletes

Soothes sore muscles and joints

Pain relief & injury recovery

Help prevent inflammation and irritation

Eliminates toxins and lactic acid from the body

Aids muscle regeneration during post-training recovery


Mental and wellbeing benefits:

Stress relief

Therapeutic treatment for anxiety and PTSD

Dealing with insomnia, jet lag & addiction

Improved creativity and productivity


Additional reasons to float:

Aids weight loss

Lowers blood pressure and cortisol levels

Dealing with arthritis, scoliosis & fibromyalgia

Reduced body strain during pregnancy

Strengthened immune system

Eliminates toxins from the body

Improved blood flow

For more information on Yue Float and tips for before you float, please visit www.yuefloat.com

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