After captivating France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Spain, Dietbon is coming to the UK!

Dietbon is a unique diet plan for effective weight loss.  Its carefully formulated and satisfying diet meals contain 100% natural ingredients.

The principle

Since 2014, the French brand Dietbon has offered a home-delivery service of ready-made meals. The program consists of 6 DIETBON UKdays of meals for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner with over 40 choices of main meals, 7 options for breakfasts and snacks and 3 different types of fruit compote.

The 7th day is called a ‘free’ day which gives its clients flexibility in terms of eating out or enjoying meals with friends and family.  The objective is to support them in learning to organise their meals.  It’s for this reason that Dietbon is much more than a standard diet, as it aims to help its customers learn to adjust and improve their food habits in the longer term.

Healthy and balanced meals

With this program, the portions are carefully controlled in order to find a balance between DIETBON UKsatisfaction and nutritional requirements.  Dietbon is not a restrictive diet, its meals provide all the necessary nutriments required for health and the meals are varied and tasty.

As well as being calorie controlled, Dietbon meals contain 100% natural ingredients: no additives, preservatives or artificial colourings.  There are also no GM ingredients, artificial sweeteners or palm oil.  With Dietbon, in contrast to other ready prepared meals, there is a strong focus on producing high quality products.

Dietbon can be distinguished from other diet programs

DIETBON UKOne of its strengths is the individualised coaching it offers to its customers.  The Dietbon team contains several registered dieticians who provide personalised support to customers in order to adapt the program to suit their needs and help them achieve their weight loss objectives.  Dietbon also provides a detailed guide ‘My Dietbon guide to success’ with every order.

Dietbon is also the only diet plan to offer a detox tea option (from 14 or 28 days) to support well-being.  This consists of teas:  A morning tea called ‘Revitalise Me’ for energy and focus and ‘Keep Calm’ evening tea for relaxing and unwinding.  This combination of diet meals and detox teas is perfect for weight loss and refining the silhouette!


Example main meals include

Thyme & Lemon marinated Chicken and its spring vegetables

Sauteed pork, potatoes and carrots with bacon

Penne & meatballs with vegetables and tomato sauce

French Bourguignon Beef

Veal, vegetables and provencal sauce

Minced chicken and rice with almond sauce

Marinated grilled salmon steak and its vegetable puree

Hake Fillet, Small vegetables and Nantaise sauce

Goat cheese and pesto raviolini with its tofu – tomato sauce

Conchiglie, pacific salmon & its spinach

Whole meal salad : Pasta, chicken, vegetables in pesto dressing

Roasted chicken and its Potatoes mash

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