Diet & Deprivation? Not with Fitness 2 Glow…

Let’s be honest we all find it hard to lose weight and to get fitter.  There are times when we feel determined, motivated and really focussed.  We look to make changes, to eat healthily and we rush to join the gym. Then something happens, life gets in the way and suddenly we find ourselves sitting on the sofa, turning to our comfort food of choice and so the cycle starts again! Does this sound familiar?

It happens to most people, both men and women of all ages. Caroline Harris from Fitness2Glo can certainly empathise with this pattern, as she too has experienced the diet rollercoaster.


Caroline started running weight management and fitness classes in 2004 as a Rosemary Conley Diet & Fitness Instructor.  This was a complete career change for Caroline as she was previously a Primary School teacher. However having battled with her own weight issues for years, she found that by going to a class that offered overall lifestyle advice and a great range of fitness classes made such a difference.  She benefited from it so much that she then went on to train to help others too!

On talking about her experience Caroline explains; “I love helping people to gain confidence through exercise and the best part of my job is seeing the transformations that takes place. I myself have lost 3 stone by attending a weight loss and exercise class and whole-heartedly believe it is the most effective way of achieving your health and fitness goals.”

However she is also realistic and is the first to tell her members it is not about depriving yourself of certain foods, it is about making healthy choices.   Known for her sweet tooth Caroline knows that it is almost impossible to give up chocolate completely but there are ways of incorporating it into your diet so you are not completely depriving yourself!  As we all know you always want what you can’t have!


For many the thought of walking into a fitness class can seem quite daunting, especially if they haven’t done any exercise previously. When arriving at Fitness2Glo you are always guaranteed a warm welcome not only from Caroline but from all the other members too! Every class is designed to get you exercising at the right level for you. You will be encouraged to build up your exercise and fitness levels gradually so that you work at a level that is suitable for you.

At Fitness2Glo you will find a wide range of different workouts, ensuring that the five elements that we should all incorporate in our lifestyles are included; cardiovascular, stretch, flexibility, muscle strength and resistance. From aerobics to High Intensity Interval Training, from Zumba to Fitness Pilates, there is something for everyone, whatever their age or ability.


There has been a lot of research carried out over time in regards to the benefits of exercising with others, this is also the same in regards to eating the right food. Being part of a supportive group, having fun and going on the journey with others is key to a sustainable health improvement.

This is certainly the case at Fitness2Glo classes as many members are now lifelong friends who have encouraged and supported each other to achieve optimum health and fitness.

The fun and laughter continues outside the classes too as a variety of social activities take place throughout the year which include fundraising events for local and national charities.

For 2016 why not break that cycle of diet and deprivation. Join a Fitness2Glo class where by combining the latest in exercise, weight management support and having fun in the process you will soon be enjoying a lifestyle of health and fitness.

To find out details about Fitness2Glo classes visit or to speak to Caroline personally call 07935 373 894 or email