The mission of Cosmetics and Confidence is to educate women on the essential elements of a daily self-care routine.

As a Mum to three children, a wife, dog mama and international business owner, self-care is essential.

Self-care is sanity; not vanity.

Sadie Hinchliffe

An ice-cold glass of water to furiously gulp down my contraceptive pill (because any more than three is greedy right?) is always a good way to start the day. When you’re in your mid-thirties you learn to celebrate that clear pee is a sign of good health; yay! Plus, the cold water wakes your body up and is super beneficial to keeping your skin well hydrated. Of course, being a Sassy and Confident badass Wonder Woman, I have managed to empty and re-fill the dishwasher, load up the washing machine and make everyone’s lunches all whilst making the coffee (Okay, so I may have had to boil the kettle again). Let go for now that the pile of washing from the previous day still hasn’t been ironed; it can wait. This time is for YOU.

Apply your beautifully scented, carefully customised and luxurious feeling day moisturiser to your face and neck. Don’t rush. Enjoy the way the high-quality cool cream feels on your most deserving skin. Be kind to yourself as you do so and smile. Smiling is great for boosting your mood and making you feel fantastic.

“Relax and read an empowering and uplifting book. Savour the taste of your coffee.” 

Now it’s time to spray a little of your favourite fragrance on and make your face up like the sassy and confident warrior of a woman you are. “Get ready with me” tutorials are a great way of learning how to achieve a flawless base in under ten minutes, make your makeup last all day long and how to choose a statement lipstick that expresses your intentions. Your femininity can be your super power so learn how to enhance it while looking and feeling confident.

Confidence looks great on you

Sadie Hinchliffe

Whether you are doing a full-face of glam and glitter or you want to disguise those ‘Mama bags’ , you can do so confidently from watching my tutorials on Facebook at Sadie Hinchliffe–Cosmetics & Confidence. Nobody will know you were up at 2am changing nappies because your skin will look radiant and flawless. My tutorials are designed to walk you through the process of applying your makeup to a pampered canvas that leaves you looking and feeling an unapologetically Sassy and Confident version of you.