Although Winter food can be delicious, heavy meals can do a number on the digestive system including the dreaded bloating  

Below are some proven ways to keep the bloating at bay.

1. Don’t eat right before bed. Your digestive system needs to rest at night to help curb bloating.  Be sure that you stop eating a couple of hours before going to bed to ensure that your stomach has time to reset before the next day.

BEAT THE BLOATING 2.  Eat Fermented foods.  EQUINOX kombucha and other fermented foods can help your gut bacteria flourish and help support your digestion, banish bloating and aid immunity.  Raw and organic, it’s also fill of naturally occurring organic acids, along with B vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes.  What’s more, EQUINOX Kombucha is low in sugar and less than 50 calories per bottle. 

 3.  Drink Plenty of Water.  Belly bloating and constipation can get worse with dehydration.  Be sure to have a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day in order to keep your water consumptions levels carefully.

 4.  Boost your fibre intake.  ‘Oats are one of the foods that naturally contain prebiotic fibre. Prebiotics are substances that help nourish the friendly bacteria in your gut and increase their numbers. Try Nairn’s Scottishbeat the bloating Porridge Oats, which are also certified gluten-free. What’s more, oats provide slow-releasing carbohydrates that can help manage your blood sugar. Certain vegetables and fruits are also great sources of prebiotics, such as onions, Jerusalem artichokes and asparagus.’ 

 5.  Eat yogurt everyday. Yogurt isn’t better than other fermented foods, but it is widely available and easy to integrate into meals and snacks – so it’s easier to make a habit of yogurt-eating. Try to buy plain, organic yogurt (which you can sweeten with honey or jam if needed) since it delvers the most nutritional value.