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Australians have a worldwide reputation for thriving in the health and fitness industry.

Global franchise, F45, is leading the way with their global expansion.

Since its launch in 2014, Australian Fitness is thriving with F45,  which has enjoyed global success, with 1,300 open in 36 countries.


Australian Fitness – We caught up with Australia’s very own, Michael Chapman, head trainer at F45 Tottenham Court Road (, to provide his top five Australian health and fitness hacks that we Brits should be following!

Hack #1  – Get social.

Australian Fitness means  working out with their friends, who wouldn’t? One of the main reasons why F45 has taken off in Australia is because of the community environment it has created. It has never been easier to achieve amazing results, have fun, and be involved in a life changing community, all whilst sharing the experience with your best mates. It also creates a bit of competition, which is often a great thing to have when it comes to fitness as it helps keep you motivated, and there is nothing more satisfying then achieving your goals with your friends by your side.

Hack #2  – Ever heard the words organic or superfoods’?

Society is obsessed with eating clean these days, especially Australians. They love to eat fresh, healthy, nourishing foods that provide many nutritional benefits. People often struggle with how this can be done, but it’s very simple, really. Swap your daily fast food visit for a pit stop at an organic store, and follow these 3, again, incredibly simple, guidelines when doing your next shop.

  1. Don’t buy anything that has added sugar.
  2. Only buy food that resembles something you’d find in nature – i.e. looks like they grew on a tree or elsewhere (not out of a can or in a test tube).
  3. Only buy ingredients that contain less than 5 ingredients.

Hack #3  – Make fitness fun

Stop thinking about fitness and seeing it as a drag. It’s not! Fitness is simply what you make of it. Australian Fitness is their of  surfing and although we are far from the ocean here in the big smoke, it doesn’t mean that going to the gym is the only way to exercise. Try taking long walks around the City, visiting local swimming pools and even taking up a hobby like football or basketball. Think outside of the box with your fitness and your results will follow.

Hack #4  – Train outdoors to boost your Vitamin D intake

In Australia there’s heaps of outdoor exercise groups, ranging from swimming groups/clubs (e.g. The Bold and The Beautiful in Manly, Australia), through to team training rugby and football clubs. This all helps with Aussies getting plenty of Vitamin D. Why does Vitamin D matter? Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and helps to maintain adequate calcium and phosphate concentrations in the body to enable normal mineralization of bone and to prevent hypocalcemic tetany (abnormal function of the muscles). Vitamin D and its role in absorbing Calcium into the body is essential for bone growth and remodeling. Without sufficient vitamin D, bones can become thin, brittle, or misshapen. An added bonus is that adequate Vitamin D and Calcium can aid in preventing the onset of Osteoporosis in elderly adults. So make sure to take advantage of the sunshine when it does poke its head around the clouds in London and get training outside if and when you can!

Hack #5  – #Wanderlust

Everyone knows that Aussies love to travel. What does that mean? Well, you need to start exploring your surroundings. Cycle around one of London’s beautiful parks, or walk along the world famous South Bank – you’ll be amazed at what secret beauties you’ll discover, all while getting active and burning those calories!

Hack #6 – Wake up and train

Aussies are blessed with up to 15 hours of daylight during the summer, with sunrise occurring pretty early on in the morning.

You know that expression ‘ the early bird gets the worm’ – well it is pretty much a religion in Australia.

With sunrise as early as 430/5am during the Summer months, one of our biggest hacks is the morning workout. All along our populated coasts you’ll be able to find people out for a morning run along the beach, an energising swim in the ocean, or in the gym working out in team environments like F45.

Getting the blood pumping first thing in the morning is a great way to jump start your metabolism, and get your brain firing on all cylinders.

Further, the flood of endorphins your body releases post-exercise, coupled with that self-congratulatory feeling of knowing you did something to further your health and wellness guarantees that you start the day off on a huge mental high.

Bonus tip: Share the experience with a friend or workout in a team-based environment where the spirits and camaraderie are high for an extra boost!

Hack #7 – HIIT the gym!

Aussies love a HIIT workout. The fast paced, efficient and effective training method guarantees fast results – and if you’re aiming to shed fat and build lean muscle, then there really is nothing better.

Because of this, concepts like F45 have grown to become one most popular training methods in Australia. F45 incorporates functional movement patterns and HIIT training into both cardio and strength workout programs. The team based element of the training program (where you workout with a group of your friends) guarantees that you push yourself to your limit in the gruelling HIIT workouts.

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