Aloe Vera Products
Aloe Vera Products

Meeting Caroline Harris has had a major impact on my health in 2015 and I wanted to share with you, our readers a personal account of just how this has happened. I have always been a lover of Forever Living products and for years I have used a number of them in my day to day life because they are completely natural and effective.

My favorites include Aloe Lips, the soothing properties of aloe vera, jojoba and beeswax combine to create what I believe to be the finest all-season lip product on the market today. It’s brilliant for soothing and moisturising chapped and dry lips but to be honest, I use it all year round as a lip gloss or under lipstick because it makes my lips feel so good. I have one in every handbag as I do go into panic mode if I don’t have one with me! The other one I have used for years is Aloe Ever-Shield Deodorant Stick which contains no harsh aluminum salts like other deodorants on the market. It’s super effective, glides on silky smooth and never stains clothes. In fact, most of my family have been converted to these products too as they have all had them as presents from me at some point!

However, this year Caroline introduced me to C9, the nine day easy to follow cleansing programme that jump starts your overall health and weight loss, brilliant to kick start any weight management programme and also to use as I did to cleanse my system after a period of excess which resulted in me feeling constantly bloated and sluggish. I couldn’t believe how well I felt, how much energy I had and how much weight and inches I lost in a nine-day period! It was amazing and I continued to follow a ‘clean eating’ regime for weeks after, which kept the weight off and the feeling of wellbeing continued.

But Christmas is just around the corner and I know there will be unavoidable situations where I will eat and drink to excess…well it’s Christmas after all! So I have made a pact with myself to start the New Year with C9 and follow it with Caroline’s Fitness2Glow brand new weight management programme which is NHS approved and is no starvation diet, just common sense laid out for you day by day, it couldn’t be any easier. I’m even seriously considering trying her dance based fitness classes as they look like really good fun and Caroline is so bubbly that I know I will enjoy them.

So, all of that aside. The most important changes I have experienced are major health improvements through drinking Aloe Vera Juice every morning. I decided to try this drink a good few years ago and at the time it made me feel how I can only describe as ‘generally well’. I took it for quite some time and one day realized I had run out and for whatever reason I didn’t get any more.

Fast forward a few years and I suffer from Trigger Thumb in both thumbs, a very painful locking of the digits which requires regular steroid injections and if that fails shaving of the tendons to rectify the problem. I was at the latter stage and waiting for a date to have the shaving procedure when I did the C9 Cleanse, which includes taking large doses of the Aloe Gel Juice and it was like a miracle…my Trigger Thumbs disappeared! I kid you not, my hospital consultant was in awe and wanted to know more about what I had been taking, maybe Forever Living Aloe Juice will soon be available on the NHS!!

So I cannot thank Caroline enough and can only say to you, call Caroline for more information on getting healthy in the New Year. There’s no way I will stop taking the Aloe Juice again and hopefully you will join me on C9 and maybe I will see you at a Fitness2Glow class for some fun fitness. I hope so.

To find out details about Fitness2Glo classes visit www.fitness2glo.com or to speak to Caroline personally call 07935 373 894 or email caroline@fitness2glo.com