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I have a very active social life, and drinking alcohol has always been an integral part of that.

But over the past couple of years, I have noticed my drinking habits changing from social to habitual and began to notice some negative effects on my health.

I was unaware to be honest, that most mornings I felt rather sluggish and a little groggy. I hadn’t noticed because this was just the way I felt in the mornings…..I wasn’t really making the connect between this and my drinking habits.

I also felt anxious on a day to day basis – now this is my slippery slope. I have lived with generalised anxiety disorder for years and it ranges from being bearable, where I can cope and just feel those slight butterflies or nausea occasionally, to being absolutely crippling where I cannot concentrate on anything, I’m restless, I can’t put myself anywhere, I feel like stripping my clothes off and running around outside like a mentalist. It sounds dramatic, but for those living with panic disorder or any type of anxiety, this is regular event.

My anxiety absolutely was made worse by my drinking, but it was very much catch 22. I was drinking to feel better, which I did, but then of course the after effects of alcohol massively contribute to the pit in my stomach and what some may call ‘beer fear’ could last days for me – so I have another drink to get rid of the feeling.

The knock on effects of this impacted my sleeping patterns – I didn’t have a sleeping pattern. I was up all hours of the night, feeling dry mouthed, anxiously googling detox plans and wellbeing apps at 3am.

By the time Christmas 2018 came around, I was overweight from booze, junk food and lack of motivation. My skin was practically grey and no amount of make up could cover the heavy bags and lines forming on my face. I felt low, bloated, demotivated and generally unwell.

So here I go again with my new year resolutions – only this time, I have stuck to them for the main part. I took part in Dry January this month which lasted until 25th Jan when some friends took me out for a celebration.

25 days without drinking has revolutionised the way I  feel about alcohol. Just that short period of time has taught me that wine isn’t the answer to feeling stressed, wine doesn’t have to be the mainstay of every social gathering I attend and also wine has absolutely f**ked my skin, weight and general health.

I feel and look better, my skin is not so dehydrated and listless and my eyes seem brighter. And since I had a fair bit of free time in the evenings, and was feeling much chirpier in the mornings, I implemented a skincare routine to try and bring my inflamed appearance back to a healthy glow.

It worked! I have had some really nice complements from my friends and family, commenting that my skin is notably better! Now I do believe that abstaining from alcohol has been the main reason for the improvements, but I have had a little help too.

The Angela Langford range of natural skin products have been my saving grace.

2014 Masterchef Finalist, Angela Langford has taken her love & passion for cooking, to create an organic skincare range that uses the very best ingredients nature have to offer.

I have combination skin, as I get older it is certainly getting drier but I still have certain oily patches and I just wanted to even up my skin tone a little.

I have been using Bloom and Glow, a radiance restoring facial oil with chia seed and buckthorn (And approved by Good Housekeeping). It smells great and is really easily applied, just a couple of drops massaged directly onto my skin before bed and I also use it in a morning with a touch of moisturiser.

My skin literally gulps it up and there is no oily sheen in sight. Plus, the calming effects seem to have dispersed any inflammation leaving me with much calmer skin and frankly more comfortable skin.

Now I’m not saying this is a miracle cure – I am aware that if I sink a bottle of Chablis the previous evening, no facial oil is going to banish the bags. But I do feel like anybody afraid of trying facial oils needs to join the revolution. My skin is well on its way to radiance, and I really can’t say fairer than that!

Words by Joanne Brook-Smith, you’ll find her here, obsessing over her dogs, traveling and eating for the most part….

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